Suits Designed for Women Merge the Feminine and Masculine

Gender-based fashion is becoming more fluid as women re-brand the traditionally masculine suit into a feminine masterpiece. 

Credit: Provokr

The fashion industry is a playground for people who love to experiment with style. Many use fashion as a form of expression, wordlessly projecting their identity to the world.

Recent trends show how women are utilising style to reclaim a sense of power. When looking at a man wearing a suit, we visualise strength. So when a women is dressed in the same outfit, many see her as powerful.

So why are we experiencing a a shift in attitude? It all dates back to the pre-established norms for fashion between the genders. As babies, boys wear blue, girls wear pink. This is the first experience of gender-norms and misconceptions for many. When we get older, boys traditionally wear pants and girls traditionally wear dresses.

However, women have been slowly transitioning over to masculine fashion since the early 19th Century. Known as ‘bloomers,’ the first pants for women remained covered by a skirt. Women didn’t jump at the trend until the mid-20th Century.

Credit: The Jakarta Post

Moving forward to the 21st Century,  gender-based fashion is becoming more fluid. Women are wearing power suits. Character Emily Nelson, played by Blake Lively in the film ‘A Simple Favour’ stirred up a frenzy in the fashion industry. The first glimpse of Emily is her power walk while wearing a navy blue pin-striped suit and a fedora. In the background, the sounds of heels click on the pavement. In scene after scene, her character refuses to give an inch of her femininity, despite wearing bow ties, vests, gloves and pocket watches.

As she radiated power, so too can other women. No matter if the suit is styled with a lace bodice, over-sized men’s t-shirt or accentuates curves. Femininity and masculinity can merge. We see new proof of this every day as the fashion industry and society transforms their values.

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