Pretty much the only thing that’s remained consistent across Grant Smillie’s career is a big, beaming smile. 

The promoter-turned-DJ-turned-producer-turned-restaurateur cut a swathe through the Australian house music scene in the 2000s, winning two ARIAs for his single ‘Flaunt It’ as part of TV Rock. After doing sets around the world with global acts like Swedish House Mafia or under his own steam, he decided he’d had enough.

Rather than pivoting to a career in the booth running a record label (something he’d created himself in the early 2000s), Smillie decided to get into the hospitality business. In 2013 he jointly founded Botanical Group, the masthead of several prominent venues in Los Angeles. Throughout his career he’s maintained a committed work ethic and a strong grasp on not only current trends, but where the trends might be down the line. His successes speak for themselves. Let’s take a look at where he’s at, and what the future holds for Grant Smillie.


Interview and Story By Will Guthlieben
Edited By Isabelle Virrey


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