Paolo Sebastian is Redefining Couture Fashion

Discover his collection of artisanal embroidered couture which tells a story of love, fantasy and a bygone era.

Credit: Paolo Sebastian

Paolo Sebastian combines nostalgic beauty, enchanting romance and folklore and turns it into inspiration for fashion collections, re-envisioning modern couture.

Designer, Paul Vasileff, has earned his place as one of Australia’s leading couture designers. His history in design began at a young age after his grandmother taught him how to sew. The passion only grew as he stitched his first dress at age 11. He transformed this passion into knowledge by studying at Milan’s prestigious school, Instituto Europe di Design.

In 2007, Vasileff showcased his very first collection at the age of 16. With that, ‘Paolo Sebastian’ was born. Ten years later, he was awarded Young Australian of the Year, confirming his position in the fashion world. He went on to win Best Australian Evening Wear Designer in the Prix De Marie Clair Awards. After a lifetime of hard work, his collections are now seen on the backs of Kim Kardashian, Megan Gale and Hedi Klum.


East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Paul Vasileff uses couture designs to accentuate the beauty of the individual. Describing his work as,

“traditional values of authenticity blend old-world glamour with innovation and fantasy, allowing the wearer to create their own personal narrative through the art of couture.”

The 29 year old truly aimed to rattle the stars with his ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon’ Autumn/ Winter collection. Inspired by Nordic folklore, his collection tells the story of a peasant maiden in pursuit of true love. Embellishments of hand-sewn embroidery, roses and pearls portray romance. Meanwhile, the black and moss tones tell the story of a dark quest to save an imprisoned prince.

Credit: Pen to Paper Media

Paolo Sebastian’s most recent collection, titled ‘Heirloom,’ embodies mystery and the golden age of the early 1900’s. Timeless romance and preservation of the old were the inspirations behind the 2020-21 collection.The storyline portrays a young girl uncovering a hidden world through the possessions of her great grandmother. The collection accurately balances femininity and the divine unknown for the modern woman. Romantic silhouettes and fitted corsets have a delicately muted colour palette, using soft hues of bois de rose and piombo grey.

The artisanal techniques of Vasileff has transformed his work into an art form. No one else can replicate the detailed stories, folklore and romance like Paolo Sebastian. With his imagination as the only limit, we look forward to seeing what his creative mind produces next.

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