Dark Mofo has Returned With 2021 Winter Solstice Dates

Running across seven days in June, Mona’s Dark Mofo is back this year with a vengeance.

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Dark Mofo is the winter version of the MONA FOMA festival. A vivacious carnival of the dark arts. Strange and wonderful. This year, the spectacle runs from June 16th – 21st in Hobart, Tasmania.

The festival features musical acts, light installations and a winter feast. The Gothic Banquet attracts crowds of up to 18,000 visitors per night.

Throw caution (and your clothes) to the wind at the nude solstice swim. Long Beach is the home of the largest nude swimming event in the Southern Hemisphere.

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The Museum of New Art (MONA) sits carved out 240-million-year-old triassic-era sandstone and the gallery remains open during evenings for a unique viewing experience.

After the event was cancelled in 2020, a new and shorter format has been organised for 2021. Usually running for two weeks, it now runs over the course of one. It has returned to a sponsor-less format and runs without the financial aid of Hobart City Council.

Creative director, Leigh Carmichael told GQ:

“we want to be able to pursue our own cultural agenda. Free from restraint and with a renewed commitment to the art.”

Curated by Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes, the funding agreement that Dark Mofo had signed with the Tasmanian state government in 2016 expires this year. This means that the festival’s future is unclear.

“Last year we lost our sense of purpose overnight, and it appears that experience is having a resounding impact on this year’s festival program. Our patrons will be pleased to know they can expect a typically grim and gloomy affair in June.”
Leigh Carmichael, GQ

Photo Credit: Esquire

For official updates and ticketing information, check out the site : Dark Mofo

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