Burberry Menswear Fall/Winter 2021

Burberry’s 2021 Winter/Fall collection is here and its week of coverage has drawn in millions.

Credit: i-D

The showcase of designs launched on February 22 as a video presentation on Twitch and Instagram. This marks chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci’s first standalone men’s collection for Burberry.

Burberry History

Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the brand began on the foundations of a principle: clothing should be designed to protect people from British weather. In 1879, Thomas Burberry invented Gabardine, a durable, breathable, weatherproof material, later patented in 1888. The trench-coat designs of the brand would subsequently be used as protective wear for wars and explorations. Fast forward to over 100 years later and Burberry has expanded into fragrances, fashion accessories, cosmetics, eyewear and more. It is marketed in the modern era as a luxury/ready to wear brand.

Riccardo Tisci took the helm as Burberry’s chief creative officer in 2018, taking over from Christopher Bailey’s 17 year run. His latest Winter/Fall collection incorporates imagery from nature. Photographed-fox-fur print, and protrusions that resemble the ears of deer feature on a handful of the chief creative officer’s designs. On his inspiration Riccardo Tisci comments:

“I became obsessed with this young generation who went to live in the woods and create almost a republic of their own, inspired by nature and the animal worlds and making craft, sculpture, paintings.”

Credit: i-D

Animal Rights

The Burberry brand and Tisci have previously shown support for nature and the humane treatment of animals. Their 2018 collection at London Fashion Week was completely fur free. The brand’s CEO Marco Gobbetti also posits that:

“Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible”

This ideal has continued into their 2021 Winter/Fall line.


The brand’s fashion presentation video has reached well over 3 million views. Many of the pieces epitomise Fall, Winter and the natural world. Hues of orange, red, grey, brown and white not only represent the coats of creatures, but also the falling leaves, bark, and snow.

Credit: i-D

The new designs are also featured alongside accessories. Bags continued to emphasise the overarching theme. One messenger bag utilised a material that had the appearance of fleece. Additionally, a backpack resembling a more refined yet equally as able to function hiker’s bag was also on display.

Men were the main market for the designs, however, women were also included on the runway sporting the designs. Riccardo Tisci comments:

“They are very strong women – and they’re not there just because I wanted to put girls in the show, but also because I’ve learned that, at Burberry, women buy womenswear, but they also buy the men’s”

While the collection is yet to hit stores, Burberry does have other items on offer for those with the financial means to purchase high-end attire.

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