Tarot Card Motifs for Dior’s Spring 2021 Collection

Dior’s Creative Director, Maria Grazia, intertwines the mystic arts of tarot cards with a strong golden palette to create the Spring 2021 Haute Collection. 

Credit: AE World

Discovering our destiny is a mystery that has plagued humanity for centuries. People look to the stars, tarot cards and to those gifted with divine powers to reveal their life’s purpose. With the world submerged in chaos from unprecedented times, knowing your true purpose has never been so desired.

In the hope of escaping beyond our earthly existence while confined during a pandemic, people are pursuing spirituality. This idea was the inspiration behind Dior 2021 Spring Haute Collection. Creative Director Maria Grazia Chirui uses the collection to encourage people to look within themselves. Similar to Christian Dior’s own belief in the divinatory arts, Maria was drawn to the mystical during the pandemic. Using tarot cards as a motif, the collection inspires people to accept themselves. Even the most dark and misunderstood parts.

The brand stated in a press release,

“In uncertain times marked by a palpable desire to reconnect with the world’s soul, Maria Grazia Chiuri wished to explore […] the mysterious and pluralistic beauty of the tarot in a series of dress featuring virtuoso constructions.”

The haute collection uses symbolism to breathe life into a tarot deck. The specific inspiration for the theme was 15th century Visconti-Sforza tarot cards, originally designed for the Duke of Milan. From here, Dior designed an esoteric collection founding on dark jewel tones and gold palettes.

Dior Spring Collection 2021 Unveiling Video

Another downfall caused by the pandemic was the string of cancelled runway shows. The collection was unveiled in a 15 minute short film, directed by Matteo Garrone. Le Chateau Du Tarot begins with a girl, styled in the classic Dior Bar Jacket. She asks the clairvoyant “who am I?” a seemingly simple question. However through motifs and powerful metaphors, viewers are thrown into the mystery.

The mix of goddesses and renaissance icons creates a mystic universe. A simple tarot deck has been reinvisioned to become a cryptic understanding of the world. Beginning with the High Priestess, the journey explores Justice, The Fool, Empress and the Devil. With even Death portraying rebirth and the shedding of ego. It’s a particular favourite of Maria Grazia, telling BAZAAR Death is a reminder that, “after an end, there is always a new beginning.”

The 2021 collection is heavily rooted gold embroidery, often complimented by hints of zodiac prints. The delicate hand-painted Millie Fleur prints, devore velvet and satin applique give life to the mythical aspect of tarot cards. As well as the illustrations by Pietro Ruffo that was featured in several designs. The juxtaposition of sheer clothing and high necklines emphasise the combined power of feminine and masculine.

Dior has intertwined themes of seduction, astrological maps and mystery with fashion. As tarot cards represent an answer, so too does each item in the Dior 2021 Spring collection reveal the truth to its wearer.

Check out some of the iconic looks below:

Credit: Elle
Credit: Elle
Credit: Elle


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