No question we live in imperfect times. Since 2020 global events are enough to make you think the world has gone mad.

A global pandemic. Despotic leadership. And police brutality.

The murder of George Floyd rekindled the flames of the 1960’s civil rights movement. And a new wave of passionate young activists rose up to demand an end to a system that is clearly broken.

The billionaire class of Musk and Bezos act like they know things we don’t, all focussed on colonising Mars, and leaving the earth behind as quickly as their purpose built rockets will take them.

YET throughout history the darkest times have sparked periods of great illumination…

The precursor of The Renaissance – a landmark period of art and enlightenment was the Great Plague which ravaged Europe for over 50 years, and killed a third of the world’s population. And after the nuclear devastation of WWII, Japan’s post war collapse gave way to new economic miracles in industry, art and fashion that sparked change across the world. Are we now on the verge of a new period of Enlightenment?

What started as a Civil Rights Movement in America is expanding to a global movement with global players. No longer just lone activists and racial equality groups, it’s now young people, corporations, governments and citizens combined.

The focus no longer on just racial justice, but it’s expanding to embrace environmental justice, responsible business practices and overall human rights. And this miracle is happening in the most unlikely of places. The fashion industry !

The voices are loud, getting louder and they are demanding systemic change. In this new thought provoking feature documentary we hear from many of the leading voices driving this aspirational movement, the results of which may determine our very survival as a species. After the “hot mess” that was 2020 there seems to be a new wind blowing. Can you feel it?


Story By Paul G Roberts
Edited By Peter Hoskins


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