Prada Pledges to Promote the Needs of Disabled Individuals

Prada has been recognised as the first luxury label to commit to promoting the needs of disabled people as part of “The Valuable 500”.

Credit: Prada

Prada’s promise comes in response to a lack of historical involvement from the fashion industry. The brand, which first opened its doors in 1913, also owns Miu Miu, Church and Car shoe. Prada’s collaboration with disabled individuals is a first for the industry.

The label put out a statement confirming their dedication to the inclusion of disabled people in the company stating,

“The Prada group recognises the value and contributions of all of employees, which includes those disabilities, seen and unseen.”

Prada’s participation in the “The Valuable 500” initiative aims to bring about more awareness of  disabled people in the community and the fashion industry.

Diversity in Luxury

The Prada website states that,

“the designers behind the brand have continually striven to be innovative while maintaining their classically refined style.”

Credit: fashionotography

The impressive initiative was established by social entrepreneur Caroline Casey in 2019 at the annual meeting of The World Economic Forum.

The activist wishes to attract at least 500 companies who will commit to this initiative of giving  consideration to the inclusion of disabled individuals in society. Casey highlights Prada’s pledge by telling Yahoo style that,

“Prada’s commitment to The Valuable 500 as the first luxury fashion group is historic”.

The initiative has been taken on by many business leaders to include the topic of disabled people in future business meetings and strategy plans.

Prada’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Credit: Fashionela

Prada’s Head of Corporate Social responsibility, Lorenzo Bertelli told Yahoo Style that The Valuable 500 community

“… embraces a wide range of industries worldwide and is becoming stronger everyday…

The different backgrounds of the companies adhering to the alliance is a crucial starting point to build a comprehensive global action plan, which will enrich all of us”.

There are many other companies that are observing Prada’s contribution to the global disabled community, including Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Prada aims to give this issue consideration in an attempt to reframe the thoughts that society carries about disabled people.

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