London Fashion Week AW21: FIB’s Verdict

London town has been tarnished by the sorrow of lockdown. Against the odds, however, creative resilience was afoot during the London Fashion Week 2021.

Erdem | Credit: i-D

Here are some of the highlights of London’s AW21 collections:


Credit: All About the Silhouette

With a collection which focuses on the joy of everyday life, creating romantic texture with billowing sleeves, whimsical handprinted floral dresses and skilfully constructed oversized gowns.

In addition to the collection itself, Roksanda created a moving film, entitled Friday in February for the occasion. Starring Academy award winning actress Vanessa Redgrave and her daughter Joely Richardson, it also featuring her granddaughter Daisy Bevan.

Through their eyes, we are invited in and united in the communal comfort and beauty found in the everyday, binding us ever closer together in these unusual but enlightening times.

Source: Roksanda

The film tells an intimate story of a family and portrays three generations of incredible women.

Set against the backdrop of their countryside home during lockdown, we witness their experiences captured honestly and lovingly over the course of one day in February… a series of tender and fleeting moments are exposed through a uniquely feminine lens. Small comforts are glimpsed: from revelling in the soft, dappled morning light, to strolling in the garden, playing cards together, to reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73 quietly, serenely contemplating the fragility of life and the importance of love during our lifetime.

Source: Roksanda

Yuhan Wang

For her AW21 collection, Wang drew inspiration from lush pastoral landscapes. Also inspired by traditional landscape painting, Wang says of the collection,

“I wanted to explore how time, space and spirit connect women together, and how nature is an ever-present teacher”.

Source: The Guardian

Softly draped knits, Bambi-esque prints and mottled fake fur are reflective of constancy, courage and strength.

Yuhan Wang’s AW21 fall collection was launched via video showcase.

Johnathon Anderson

Johnathon Anderson crafted and curated a fall collection for 2021 which has a high level of artistic impact. It’s both voluminous and structured. The clothes are totemic, silhouette-centric moving art. The full show is on YouTube for fashion fans to enjoy.


This Fall, Erdem assumed a “backstage at the ballet” aesthetic.
Leggings and knits, barrettes and ostrich feather skirts are a nod toward rehearsal-style attire. The almost-utilitarian elegance which this collection embraces appears to be inspired by the art form of dance.

Molly Goddard

Credit: Fashion United

Colour blocking master Molly Goddard contrasts neutral hues with a range of vivid and pastel colours  in oversized separates, expertly tailored in her AW21 collection.

A lover or abstract expressionism, her fall collection has a fantastical sense of ease with tulle accents.


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