Love Is Why: Black Mentors Celebrated in New Photo Book

Brooklyn-based photographer Ibrahem Hasan’s collaborative photo book is an ode to love, loss and mentorship.

Credit: Dazed

Photographer Ibrahem Hasan’s new photo book explores the importance of mentors in his coming of age on the south side of Chicago. More broadly, Love Is Why is a profound mosaic of inspiration and a visual love letter powered by Black voices.

The work draws on contributions from loved ones, contemporaries, and strangers, giving it a collaborative and communal feel.

“I was developing the concept and I was making the book simultaneously,” Hasan told Dazed. “It just kind of started to form itself as I was building it.”

Hasan’s mentorship began at the open-air market on Chicago’s Maxwell Street, a melting pot of cultures, smells and tastes. As a young Palestinian boy, this place and the people within it had a lasting impact.

The photographer told Dazed,

“What’s interesting about those mentors – Djuan Smith, Lewis Books, Record Sam, and Taco –  is that I didn’t know I was having mentorship… Only when I got into my adulthood, I started to realise the influences and the learning that I had from them.”

Check out some of the powerful pages from Love Is Why below:

All proceeds from the 500 limited edition copies will purchase laptops for the students of the Brooklyn Democracy Academy.

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