Zendaya is the New Face of Valentino 2021

Zendaya becomes the fresh new star of Valentino’s SS21 collection.

Credit: Valentino

Valentino’s latest star, Zendaya, pushes the boundaries as the new face of the Valentino brand. Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli embraces the core values of Valentino’s ethos via this union with award-winning Zendaya. The notions of equality, inclusivity and empathy are all cited as areas of this collaborative exploration. 

Entitled Collezione Milano, the fresh Valentino Spring collection embraces radical attitudes through the mode of creativity.

The accompanying campaign, lensed by Michael Bailey Gates, captures the actress’ insouciant brand of elegance … at the hands of Zendaya, (it) transforms into a renewed symbol of punkish cool.

Source: Dazed

The actress was recently awarded with a SeeHer accolade. The female-focused award is given to women who “push boundaries, defy stereotypes and acknowledge the importance of authentic portrayals of women across the entertainment landscape”.
Zendaya is fast-becoming the voice of a generation for women looking to defy the confines of equality.

What does it mean to be a diva?

Credit: Tulsa World

Well, Valentino’s Piccioli defines it as: DI.fferent VA.lues = DIVAS.

“This idea of a modern-day DIVA explores our contemporary need to identify, to belong yet to feel unique, to take risks and to feel strength.”

Source: Valentino

The modern DIVA is a complex character of codes, laid upon the foundations of strong inner values. In Pierpaolo Piccioli’s search to resignify the codes of Valentino, the Creative Director has named the first face of the Maison. From this point, a new definition will start to evolve.

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