D is for Desire: Stella McCartney’s AW21 Collection

Stella McCartney has been going through a transitional period. This year’s AW21 collection communicates a fresh start for the designer which feels both escapist and uplifting.

Credit: MDS

Stella told the press (of her collection),

“I miss going to a basement and listening to really loud music. And dancing, getting sweaty, getting messy and how that feels,” McCartney told members of the press via Zoom. “I closed my eyes and was transported to that place. This is what I saw.”

Source: Vogue UK

Showcased at the Tate Modern in London, the range is inspired by “D is for Desire” from the designer’s A to Z Manifesto. McCartney describes her A-Z Manifesto as an evolution of thought; born from the desire to ask herself the deeper questions in relation to her brand.

Credit: Facebook

McCartney explains those questions to be:

Why do I do what I do?
Why do you come to us?
What is our meaning and what is our purpose?

McCartney arrived at a set of value systems which were converted into an alphabet. The result is an A to Z of everything Stella McCartney’s business stands for, adhering to a set of principles. McCartney introduces audiences to the alphabet as a way for consumers to see how the Stella McCartney brand continues on this mission. The manifesto aims to help the Stella McCartney brand to grow and become the best it can possibly be.

Stella McCartney’s FW21 collection is full of hypnotising optical illusions and plaid prints, flared pants and finely tailored outerwear. It skips between grungey glam and full-bodied silhouettes. There are surprising colour ways with an emphasis on sustainability; 77% of the collection is constructed from sustainable materials. Fabrics such as forest-friendly viscose, vegan suede, polyurethane faux leather and traceable wool appear throughout the collection.

Watch the digital presentation below:


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