‘The Irregulars’ is a Supernatural Sherlock Holmes Hit

Characters from works written by Arthur Conan Doyle feature in new Netflix series The Irregulars.

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Loosely based on figures that appear in novels starring Sherlock Holmes, the series delves into the mysteries plaguing Victorian-Era London. But that’s where the similarities end.

In an interesting twist, elements of the supernatural are thrown into the mix. A group of teenagers roam the streets, tasked with solving cases provided by John Watson.

Despite the horror themes, many of the issues the group are confronted with stem from real world pains. Grief, loss and struggles with identity are just some of the hardships the group encounter when dealing with the conflicts that arise. Both protagonist and villain alike venture to the limits of their morals. Within The Irregulars we are given insight into how circumstances create monsters, both figuratively and literally. We develop an understanding of their motives, what actions fuelled their resolve, and the resulting consequences.

Moreover, questions pertaining to friendship and trust are constantly explored as a means of developing the characters. More pivotal moments within each episode revolve around inner confrontation and how the individual deals with the situation. For the audience, a physical representation of this process is manifested through the utilization one character’s “psionic” abilities.

Poignant in much of its delivery, clever timing and awkward situations act as a foil and offer balance. While the series focuses mainly on the teenagers, an overarching storyline linking the group to Holmes, Watson and their associates is also present.

Real Life Influences

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Though many of the characters are fictitious, there are a few that have real life counterparts.

Leopold, a haemophilic member of the upper-class has the same condition as that of the person he is based on. Furthermore, his sister Louise bares a name identical to the real character’s sibling. The mother of Leopold and Louise who is mentioned on numerous occasions is referred to as the Queen. This is consistent since the person Leopold is inspired by is a Prince.

Sherlock Holmes, while not a real person, is based on Joseph Bell, a significant figure in Arthur Conan Doyle’s life.


The characters are played by actors fairly new to the scene. Bea, the leader of the group is portrayed by Thaddea Graham. Her sister, and only member of the team to wield psychic-empathy-related abilities is played by Darci Shaw. Harrison Osterfield plays Leo, an intelligent youth with upper-class upbringing who utilizes his knowledge to assist in the team’s investigations. Jojo Macari takes on the role of Billy, the strength of the team in more ways than one. Spike, the charming and humorous member of the group, rounds out the 5 and is portrayed by McKell David.

Additionally, Royce Pierreson plays Dr. Watson, the firm but well-meaning investigator who tasks the group with cases unaligned with his abilities. Henry Lloyd-Hughes meanwhile plays a slightly older version of Sherlock Holmes.

The Irregulars was created by Tom Bidwell. It appears on streaming service Netflix and is available for viewing right now.

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