Off-White Presents “I Support Black Women” Campaign

“I support Black Women” is a fundraising program which marks a new chapter in Off-White’s history. 


Ten black female activists are featured alongside the fundraising program to create a physical space for the School of Black Feminist Politics, the educational arm of @blackwomenradicals.

“I Support Black Women” aims to amplify the voices of Black female organisers. The idea of Black people’s inherent connection to fashion, arts and culture is what led to the idea.

Nine other activists join Trinice McNally, a Black, queer feminist organiser. These include Brianna Gibson, Jaimee Swift and Juju Bae: all leaders committed to the fight for social recognition.

Virgil Abloh

Credit: Architect Magazine

Virgil Abloh is the founder and CEO of Milan-based label, Off-White. He has also been the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear since 2018. Abloh is one of the creative world’s most respected collaborators, having designed album covers for Kanye West, Air Jordans for Nike and furniture for Ikea.

In 2020, Abloh saw a video clip of UK-born Miami local Trinice McNally, a Black queer feminist organiser. Within the clip, she was being interview on CNN at the “Defend Black Women March” in Washington. McNally had a machete strapped to her chest with an Off-White belt. Abloh befriended McNally, the founding director of the Center for Diversity, Inclusion & Multicultural Affairs shortly thereafter.

Abloh’s partnership with McNally on “I Support Black Women” launched during Women’s History Month. It aims to empower and uplift black women to contribute to social change.

“It’s our duty to be fly. We get that from our people.”

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Abloh and McNally discuss both the inspiration and subsequent campaign in Harper’s Bazaar,

” VIRGIL ABLOH: Your interview on CNN was like a spoken-word piece.

TRINICE McNALLY: I was asked about why I got involved as a co-organizer of the Defend Black Women March in Washington, D.C., as part of a Movement for Black Lives Day of Action…. I was wearing a machete on my Off-White belt because I believe aesthetics are important.

VA: I saw a combination of aesthetic and message, both well chosen. I wanted to be like, “I see you.” Your Instagram was private, but I didn’t let that deter me.

VA: One of the first things we talked about is how fashion comes from Africa.

TM: It’s our duty to be fly. We get that from our people. I felt like I understood why you created Off-White. “

What’s Next?

“I Support Black Women” is developed alongside “Black Discourse”, a platform providing access to young future creatives. A series of webinars are also coming over the next few months. They will be followed by a fundraiser for a school for “Black Feminist Politics”, in association with Jaimee Swift’s “Black Women Radicals”. Off-White has also created a series of merchandise for the movement which will soon hit stores.

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