New Amy Winehouse Documentary ’10 Years On’

New documentary sheds light on singer Amy Winehouse almost a decade after her death. Amy’s mother is ready to tell her daughter’s story before MS takes her memory. 

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The documentary, titled Amy Winehouse 10 Years On, is a celebration of her life and her legacy as a musician. BBC Two and BBC Music have commissioned the documentary feature which is planned to spread across TV, iPlayer, BBC Sounds and BBC Radio.

Commissioning editors Max Gogarty and Rachel Davies say the documentary will be an intimate portrayal of one of the best musical talents the United Kingdom has ever seen.

 “Whilst being a celebration of her musical genius and featuring rare and unheard performances, it will also offer a reinterpretation of the prevailing narrative around her rise and fall, told by those closest to her.”

Source: BBC

Memories of an Icon

Amy’s mother, Janis Winehouse was the main motivator behind the documentary. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Janis knows that her long-term memory is threatened. She aims to immortalise her memories on film while she still can.

Credit: Huffington Post UK

Janis said in a press release,

“I don’t feel the world knew the true Amy, the one that I brought up, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to offer an understanding of her roots and a deeper insight into the real Amy.”

Amy Winehouse’s public struggle with drugs and alcohol inspired some of her greatest work. Despite only having two albums, she was the first British singer to win 5 Grammy Awards on the same night. But in the final years of her life, her addiction began to overshadow her talent. Amy later died in 2011 at her London home from accidental alcohol poisoning.

Six years ago, a production company released a documentary titled Amy. However the family distanced themselves from the film, as it angled the singer and her father Mitch Winehouse in a negative light. The Winehouse family hope to share their side in the new documentary. It will feature new stories and never-before-seen footage from family archives.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the musicians death, the 60 minute feature will release in July.

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