Trailer for Pandemic-inspired Horror “In the Earth” Released

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives over past year. And now, horror film In the Earth explores our fears relating to the current catastrophe.

Credit: Icon vs Icon

In the Earth, written and directed by Ben Wheatley, is made to illustrate the current realities of life during the pandemic. Wheatley is best known for his work on Kill List, SightseersA Field in England and High-Rise. 

The movie portrays the terrifying journey of a scientist and park scout into the woods on a routine equipment run. However, as night falls and darkness looms, the woods comes alive.

But the film as a clear and terrifying connection to our daily lives. In the press notes for the film, Wheatley said, “I wanted to make a film that was contextualised in the moment.”

Wheatley’s goal was

” …to create a movie that could talk about the moment we are living, with the pandemic and the destructive force of nature serving as our main reason to fear going outside our homes.”

Source: Collider

The film features several stars including Hayley Squire, Reece Shearsmith, Joel Fry, Mark Monero and  Ellora Torchia.

The thriller will bring to life the fears and very real threats that the current pandemic poses to citizens worldwide.

In the Earth‘s US release is slated for April 16th.

Check out the trailer below:

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