Erdem and Universal Standard’s Size-Inclusive Collaboration

High fashion brand Erdem teams up with Universal Standard for a new size-inclusive denim range. The partnership is hoped to lead to more diverse ranges.

Credit: Forbes

Universal Standard is seen as the go-to brand for its all-encompassing size range. Women have had enough of the poor size range most companies offer. The majority of fashion brands are starting to listen as size diversity is appearing in photo shoots, runways, and clothing ranges. Luxury label Erdem is teaming up with Universal Standard to be apart of that change.

Erdem Moralioglu has a rich history in delicate designs. With Universal Standard’s expertise in fabrics, the eight piece collection is the perfect mix of craft and creativity. The garments feature polished white jeans, indigo-blue boiler suits, blouses, and dresses.

The British luxury designer rarely experiments with denim in his own range. However, Universal Standard’s expertise in the wardrobe staple encouraged him to try something new.

Erdem told Refinery29,

“We had been talking for a long time, and whenever I’m considering a collaboration, I want to explore something that’s new to me and something I can learn from.”

Universal Sizing

Credit: Forbes

Universal Standard has a broad size range, from 00 to 40. In his previous four seasons, Erdem has tried to expand his range to cater for all customers. He told Vogue that the collaboration was an eye-opening experience.

“During our fittings, I learned so much from Alex about addressing different need. There is a learning curve. How do you take that perfect pair of boyfriend jeans and make them look beautiful and hit the right places from size 00 to 40? She would talk about customers who have a disability and the idea of making it comfortable for them to get in and out of their jeans, how you make fashion truly accessible.”

Alexandra Waldman, Universal Standard’s co-founder and chief creative officer, is excited about the potential the new fashion adventure can have for the public. The new collection also has an inclusive price despite Erdem’s high fashion reputation, giving everyone an opportunity to get their hands on a piece.

Waldman hopes the partnership can lead to more promising and broadly inclusive ranges, altering the fashion industry’s mentality towards designing for the individual’s needs. And no longer forcing the individual to conform to fashion.

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