Emmit Fenn’s Long Awaited Debut Album ‘Far From Here’

Emitt Fenn is an independent artist and production powerhouse with in excess of 160m streams and 1m+ Shazams.

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All of this has come to the independent artist without a publisher. Recently, he produced and co-wrote ‘bitches broken hearts’ for Billie Eilish. Eilish says of working with Fenn,

“I had no idea who this kid was, just thought it was the sickest song, sort of reached out to him and worked with him and he was FIRE!”

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Following the release of Edge Of The Dark, LA producer Emmit Fenn has released a second single from his forthcoming LP, Far From Here. Titled Until We Leave The Ground’, the new single is due to feature in Netflix’s To All the Boys: Always and Forever from 12th February.

Emmit creates dramatic soundscapes which are complemented by his raw and honest vocals. These enchanting waves of overlapping sound sets the tone for the album’s theme: escapism.

At points throughout 2020, we’ve all wanted to travel “Far From Here”. The album caters toward those looking to escape in search of hope. Each music video contains themes that encompass the included meanings from the album.

Fenn has also produced singles ‘Untold’ for Ry X and ‘it’s my fault’ for Lolo Zouai. He has collaborated with Shallou and Vic Mensa. He’s also scored two seasons of ‘Five Points’ for Mary Ramos (Quentin Tarantino’s music director).

Fenn’s sultry sounds have been featured in numerous TV shows, commercials and films. Apple picked Fenn’s song ‘Meteorite’ to launch the iPhone XR for their global commercial and ‘BuDuDuDum’ to launch their recent Apple Watch. Netflix have featured Fenn’s single ‘Until We Leave The Ground’ in ‘All The Boys I Used To Love Pt.3.

Fenn says of his breakthrough album,

“The main theme […] is finding hope in vulnerability. With this album, I wanted to be completely open about my past on a very intimate level and show how I’ve grown from it.”

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Throughout the isolation brought on via the pandemic, Fenn kept in contact with friends and fans via the sharing of exclusive content and new music via Discord and Community. Hats off the the independent artist, whom also generously gifted his community with Wishlist items recently. These gifts included outdoor picnic sets and candlesticks to top tier music production gear!

Below is an exploration of Fenn’s Far From Here LP:

Credit: Emmit Fenn

Far From Here

Written by Emmit Fenn and Akil Fresh King, the beautiful piano melody is what lifts you through this track. The lyrics were written by Fenn, which he had found in one of his old poems.

Edge Of The Dark

Written during the Woolsey fires by Emmit Fenn and Nick Ruth, the song is about romanticising fire. It’s a metaphorical imagining that the fire is a living and breathing creature.

“I heard about another fire earlier today. I couldn’t help get the thought out of my head. What if the fire can’t help to burn down the forests in its path. What if it simply wants to reach someone. Someone it loves. Someone it can’t live without. 

I wonder how many forests I’ve burned down.”


With an almost-folk style melody, this easygoing track was written by Emmit Fenn and Neil Ormandy. Inspired by this idea of a colourful relationship turning to black and white, they wanted to create a song about a love which had become lost.

Light That Shines Through

The soft and pulsating keys are underlined by smooth bass tones and dreamy strings. Fenn found himself depressed and out of touch with those around him in 2020 and the song reflects his desire for someone to save him; juxtaposed by feelings of being alone and imagining life as a solitary experience.

Closer To You

Reverb, guitar, ambient layered vocals and an effortless vocal delivery elevate this low-key love song. Keep an ear out for the skin-tingling highs and lows throughout the chorus.

Credit: Black of Hearts

Where I Went Wrong:

Written by Emmit Fenn and Nick Ruth. The dual piano tracks lay down both the rhythm and tone. Voices in tandem are met by the backbone of a low-energy drone, accentuated by subtle kicks and hits.  Lyrically, the song explores Fenn’s parents relationship from his father’s perspective.

“I had never talked with them about their divorce or anything so everything in the song was just things I had overheard about them.

Says Fenn,

“Eventually once I recorded it, I brought it to Nick Ruth but it was just piano and vocals and the time, we then produced it out and he actually sent me the ending part idea over text one day.”

Until We Leave The Ground 

Emmit Fenn and Neil Ormandy wrote this cinematic number together. Leaving room for plenty of space, Fenn’s vocal inflection finishes on the lower end. His voice has an easygoing, silky quality which can be heard within each track.

We Could Have It All

Fenn says of the track,

“This song was originally written for my girlfriend at the time about this idea of “we could have it all” if we just don’t let go which is interesting because I did end up letting go. She is singing on the track as well and laughing at the end of the track. It has such a different meaning to the song now that it’s gonna be tough recreating this one, but it was another one that was first written completely on the guitar then produced later.

The Table

The intro is a trio of playful keys which might conjure up imagery of a forest. Fenn explains the track as, 

“a conversation with “God” about da fuck his problem is. haha”.

Inspired by a chat that Fenn had with his overtly religious mother, it describes Fenn’s desire to believe in a God but being unable to find his faith.

Moving On

Written by Fenn, themes of moving on and celebrating life itself are explored accompanied by soft, trance-like percussion. His trademark layered vocals are full of air and trail off into keys which move the track along nicely.

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