FIB Exclusive: Goldfynch Debut New Single ‘Brighter Day’

Deeply personal and poetic, award winning Sydney-based alt-pop band Goldfynch delight fans with their new single, “Brighter Day”, out now!

Credit: Goldfynch

Goldfynch is a true musical marriage, combining the talents of husband and wife team Gavin and Niyati Libotte. The duo share their mutual love of music, their individual lives and collective experience via their chosen artform of song writing.

Goldfynch have travelled the world performing together. “Brighter Day” is the first single from their debut studio album, due for release in June. The track was mixed by award winning Producer Sean Carey and mastered by Grammy-Award-winning Engineer Helik Hadar. Emmy-Award-winner Sean Carey produced the track and it was mastered by two-time Grammy-Award-winner Helik Hadar. It is due for release in mid-2021.

International accolades

So far, the album has been awarded:

Goldfynch (album) Silver (Outstanding Achievement) Global Music Awards – Jan 2021

“Opus” (art pop track) Silver (Outstanding Achievement) Global Music Awards – Jan 2021

“Maya” (alternative, AAA track) Finalist International Acoustic Music Awards – Feb 2021

Credit: Goldfynch

Brighter Day

The track is dark, moving and shimmering with energy and emotion. “Brighter Day” is lush and layered, featuring the smokey, offbeat vocals of Niyati Libotte. Her delivery shares similarities with the powerful and theatrical tone of Kate Bush. The melancholy guitar riffs come courtesy of Gavin Rene Libotte (of Urban Gypsies fame). The rhythmic bass and drums come from ARIA-award-winner Jonathan Zwartz and James Hauptmann.

The track soars to soulful heights and takes listeners on a journey through the void to emerge defiant and courageous. 

Crucially, “Brighter Day” navigates the personal demons we collectively face. The track celebrates how unconditional love and loyalty can help to overcome the deepest suffering. The song feels authentic, deeply personal and poetic. Goldfynch share musical stories via their music, drawing listeners into a space of fragility, beauty and depth. Throughout, their collection explores tales of travel, tales of finding home, birth, death and reconnection, isolation and freedom.

The Sydney outfit draws on many influences, from Ella to Air, the Beatles to Radiohead, Madeleine Peyroux to A.R. Raiman, Eva Cassidy to Coldplay. A haunting merger of tone, emotion and energy, Goldfynch mixes genres. Blending jazz, acoustic pop, soft rock, classical and folk, with Indian, Latin, Jewish and French influences.

This explorational music video for Goldfynch’s “Brighter Day” was produced in-house by the husband-wife creative team. It celebrates the journey from shadow to light, despair to optimism via the streets and spaces of Sydney.

Check out the “Brighter Day” clip below:

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