Live Sessions, the New Brainchild of Saint Laurent

Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent Rive Driote has launched ‘Live Sessions’, marking the move towards a digital world.

Credit: Showstudio

Live Sessions encompasses the fashion house’s recent celebration of emerging artists. It was launched in March by transgender activist/musician Franky Gogo at the store in Paris. Second up, is the electro-pop band Keep Dancing Inc, making their way into the Saint Laurent atmosphere.

The duo made their debut last year, working on their first album with the revered producer Tom Carmichael. He has also recorded with artists Haim and Chance the Rapper.

The Basement

The store’s modular basement level is transformed into an event or live music space. In May 2020, it hosted three public screenings of Lux Æterna, a Saint-Laurent produced experimental film directed by Gaspar Noé, featuring Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Credit: Wallpaper

African masks, Bowie memorabilia and arcade machines decorate the basement’s walls. Vaccarello curates everything in the store himself, whilst a dedicated team feeds him with ideas and options on the daily.

Anthony Vaccarello’s Vision

Credit: Business of Fashion

Vaccarello likes to promote that this project was not a marketing stunt or a product of a long-term thinking strategy. It was definitely a risk. Vaccarello told Wallpaper,

 “Maybe that is why we were able to attempt this caprice…

“After all, there is no luxury quite like doing whatever you want.”

Source: Wallpaper

Check out the Saint Laurent Live Sessions below:

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