APOC is Fashion’s New Playground for Emerging Talent

The London-based online store is challenging traditional styles with eclectic designer collaborations.

Credit: Culted

During the world’s time in isolation, APOC has emerged as the newest online marketplace for fashion, design and art. It celebrates a new generation of creatives and seeks to constantly source progressive and consciously-crafted pieces from both artists and designers across the globe. The site features inflatable trousers, fluffy hats by celebrity favourite milliner Benny Andallo and deconstructed undergarment-style apparel amongst other subversive designs.

Here’s some of our favourite designers and collaborations featured on APOC.

Sun Woo x Harri

These made-to-order designs are the result of a Sun Woo x Harri collaboration. This artwear is like visual happy hardcore, perhaps a platformer-style videogame wherein Alien meets The Matrix. The designs feature inflatable, fingerless gloves, and plenty of disc-shaped pants.

Check out Sun Woo x Harri’s designs here. 

Christine Seewald

Credit: Christine Seewald

Mostly sheer and deconstructed, Seewald’s designs are made-to-order and mostly monochrome (with occasional hints of pastel). Her designs are textural and tactile, visually challenging the eye, creating delicate panels of complementary fabrics.

Shop the Christine Seewald collection here.

Martine Ali

Credit: Vogue

Kendrick Lamar is amongst the celebrity clientele list, sporting a silver Martine Ali choker at the 2018 Grammys. Martine Ali’s focus is on modular, customisable jewellery, encouraging the wearer to combine and clash her collection of styles. Ali is a New York–based designer and has spent many years capturing the hearts of It-girls and celebrities due to her industrial-style silver jewellery.

Shop the Martine Ali collection here.

Benny Andallo

Credit: Vogue

“Change places!”. Andallo’s eclectic hats conjure up vivid imagery of the mat hatter’s tea parties. Oversized and almost-novelty, the hats are a celeb favourite. Fans include Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Maya Jama, and FKA Twigs.

Shop the Benny Andallo collection here.

Kristin Mallison

Kristin Mallison is based in Brooklyn, NY. Her designs are inspired by her work at a curtain customisation company, which dresses windows with one-off drapery. Her tapestry corsets are decorated in florals and picturesque depictions of romantic art. She often searches for fabric which depicts women wearing corsets. Mallison explained to Vogue that,

“It creates another layer of intrigue.”

The designer fastens the historically-inspired corsets with ribbon to add adjustability to the pieces.

“I don’t think there is anything more feminine than a corset or these historical silhouettes, and I want to interpret them in a modern, more playful way that is not at all constricting.”

Source: Vogue

Check out the Kristin Mallison collection here.

Adam Jones

Credit: Esquire

Jones hails from Wales and designs clothes for and inspired by, the pub. Vintage beer logos and horses can be spotted throughout his collections of memorabilia-focused apparel. His pieces can be found in concept stores in Seoul, London and Berlin. Jones says of his inspiration,

“There was this trend for logomania and graphics around at the time,

“All the pubs in Wales, the old man pubs that I used to go to with my friends, had the tea towels and beer mats that really reminded me of home. Wales is stuck in the Seventies a bit, so you still see that pub memorabilia everywhere.”

Source: Esquire

To shop online, visit APOC.


Credit: Vogue

This knitwear-focused label was founded by Alexandra Hadjikyriacou and Jaimee McKenna after they first met whilst studying textile design art Central Saint Martins. Hadjikyriacou says of the label’s beginnings,

 “Jaimee was one of the first people I ever spoke to when I came to the UK from Cyprus,” says Hadjikyriacou, speaking from the pair’s studio. “When we both graduated, we were feeling so dissatisfied with what we were working on respectively,” she continues. “So one evening, we went for dinner and decided to start collaborating … And the rest is history.”

Source: AnotherMag

Everything which Kepler produces is by hand at factories in London, Manchester, Cyprus or China. The tagline on Kepler’s account states that it is “A meaningful and mindful approach to womenswear”. Sculptural dresses, pleated sleeves and intricate cut-outs are crafted from natural fibres which include organic cotton, linen and lambswool and Japanese silk.

Shop the Kepler collection here.

Lou de Bètoly

Bètoly is inspired by chaos, surrealism, nostalgia, decedence, extravagance and oneirism. Teboul combines playful styling elements from punk, kitsch, classic and leisurewear.

A French designer living and working in Berlin, Bètoly’s detailed craftsmanship and embellishment methods create a woven mastery. Bètoly’s punk-like attitude can be observed via the emotional movement and visual noise within her designs. Peruse the Lou de Bètoly collection on APOC.

Timo Sassen

Timo Sassen’s eponymous label loves a lava-lamp style line and embraces the creative use of cut-outs. After spending 2020 focusing on growth, 2021 has brought about his third collection which focuses on separates.

“I saw this as the opportunity to collaborate with Marshall Columbia, who hit big with his Plush Bags in bright colors during lockdown.”

Source: Paper Mag

Shop the Timo Sassen collection on APOC.

Erika Maish

Credit: Coeval

Hailing from San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Maish creates intricately designed beaded and knitted clothing  which goes against the grain. Maish likes to challenge stereotypes via her designs, using her close friends as models for her most recent collection, Tales of a Valley Girl.

To shop Erika Maish online, visit APOC.


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