Hermès Launches Bag Made From Mushroom Leather

French luxury fashion label Hermès is debuting a mushroom leather bag, with the assistance of biotechnology company MycoWorks.

Credit: VegNews

Hermès is recognised primarily for luxurious leather bags. The new product known as ‘Sylvania’, is an innovation in the world of sustainable fashion.

The label has spent a solid three years establishing a plant-based leather that will live up to the company’s high standards. The bag’s fundamental feature is the mycelium material, which is regenerative and thrives abundantly in the wild.

Mycelium material is a network of threads in the root structure of mushrooms. MycoWorks have constructed a process to transform mycelium material into what resembles traditional leather.

According to MycoWorks, “the mushroom leather will first undergo tanning and processing in France to further refine it strength and durability…”

Furthermore, MycoWorks CEO Matt Scullin has clearly stated the theory and purpose behind the design.

It is the result of a shared vision for growing the future of materials and a quest to unlock new design possibilities.”

Source: Dezeen

Hermès’ newest product will be added to the classy collections later this year. The bag known as ‘Sylvania’ features amber-coloured mycelium panels.

Commitment to Sustainability

Credit: TheRichest

Hermès is the first luxury fashion label to enter this area of sustainable development. The company are aiming to address recent ethical and environmental concerns and find a marketable alternative to animal leather.

Moreover, MycoWorks CEO Matt Scullin has stated  the benefits of the material,

“the material is vegan, biodegradable and has a lower carbon footprint than animal leather production, although specific numbers to support this have not been disclosed.”

Source: Dezeen

Mycelium is an attractive material for biotechnology companies to use,

“Mycelium has proven a popular avenue for biomaterial companies, due to its structure that can be grown to fill almost any desired shape.”

Source: Dezeen

This newest addition is shaking up the industry. Hermès aims to align with the times and look at sustainable alternatives. Furthermore, the label’s latest decision has now prompted other brands to follow suit. Labels folling Hermès’ lead include Gucci, Chanel and Burberry.

However, Hermès’ decision doesn’t imply an elimination of traditional leather products, rather highlighting their dedication to the issue of sustainability.

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