Kate Moss Sells First NFT for $16,000

Kate Moss has recently sold her first NFT for $16,000 on behalf of mental health charity, Gurls Talk.

Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald

Last week, Moss released three videos showing vignettes of the former Calvin Klein model in some of her most personae settings. One depicts her in a bed, which has recently sold for $16,000. Another shows her walking through a woody grove and one is a video of her driving.

So what is the motivation behind this new venture into the digital art world? As Moss explains to Harper’s BAZAAR,

“Art for me has always been about the moment,

“Time is the thing that there is never enough of and that waits for no one.”

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are, essentially, a digital signature for one-of-a-kind assets. They’ve recently been becoming more and more mainstream.

As The Sydney Morning Herald explains,

“In certain cases, an NFT can be attached to a physical object (for example, a T-shirt) and people are experimenting with options around redemption for tokens, which live on a giant network known as the Blockchain… my colleague Nick Miller has done a handy explainer on NFTs in the art world.)”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

NFTs in High Fashion

Gucci Virtual Sneakers | Credit: Dezeen

It has been reported in the last week that NFTs for fashion are inevitable. At a Vogue conference in March, Robert Treifus, an executive vice president at Gucci stated that luxury brands will undoubtedly begin to use NFTs. For the last three or four years, the fashion house has created an online presence via virtual spaces. Gucci have created digital products and environments for games such as The Sims and Zepeto. NFTs have a real potential for growth in the luxury fashion market as explained by Ian Rogers, former chief digital officer at luxury giant LVMH,

“There’s no reason that today you couldn’t buy a bag, get an NFT.”

Source: Quartz

Kate Moss’ NFTs

Moss has been working with a collective called MITNFT, with the sale of her 3 NFTs being designed to support charity. She donated the proceeds to Gurls Talk, an organisation which provides mental health support to young women and girls.

The Melbourne-based creative technologist Gentry Morales, part of the group behind the CryptoCats NFT in 2017 says of Moss,

“Moss was one of the coolest fashion icons when I was growing up so I know she can be a trendsetter at the forefront,” she says. “She’s focused on distilling a moment which is on-point as something to capture in an NFT. But I feel NFT art is best when it’s more risky, more edgy and less polished. Crypto culture is a statement on the financial system, a new digital paradigm and on being independent. NFTs that have ingenuity across these dimensions and artists who provide their commentary are taking this to the next level.”

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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