Vivienne Westwood Releases Iconic Limited Edition Kilts

Vivienne Westwood is revisiting her iconic kilts. A handful of the designer’s limited-edition unisex tartan knits are being made available at selected Westwood stores from Paris to LA.

Credit: Grazia

All pieces have been expertly handcrafted by traditional crafters in the Highlands of Scotland out of MacAndreas and traditional Scottish weaves. Westwood told Grazia,

“Tartan looks wonderful with everything and tartan with tartan also looks great.”

The story of the kilt is both longstanding and significant in many ways. It began in the late 16th century, in the highlands of Scotland. Belted plaid was the choice for men at the time and as much as two by six yards of worsted wool could be found draped over the shoulders and around the waists of 16th century Scottish men.

Skip forward to the 1970s. This is where Westwood’s love affair with tartan was first established. This relationship with kilts has seen Westwood spend many years utilising the Scottish print. Kilts have appeared time and time again throughout Westwood’s collections. Classic interpretations include a pairing with Fair Isle knits in her 1988 Time Machine Season. The signature Westwood tiny MacAndreas tartan print walked the 1993 Anglomania runway via Linda Evangelista.

Woven Stories


Westwood says of her beloved tartan,

“The idea that there were particular tartans belonging to this house or another was developed by the Victorian tourist industry, but nevertheless it is traditional, these hand-woven clothes in stripes and check. It’s a heroic image, the kilt flying and the idea of climbing mountains in this garb with the wind blowing behind you. They have all got stories, these fabrics.”

To get your hands on some highly-coveted Westwood tartan, visit Vivienne Westwood.

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