Berluti: Living Apart Together

Creative directo Kris van Assche has provided an Autumn/Winter collection which felt expertly designed with a post-pandemic lifestyle in mind.

Credit: GQ

The confinements of our present reality are confronted by Assche in Berluti’s AW21 collection.

The clothing vibrantly celebrates freedom and the act of crossing borders. Entitled Living Apart Together, the collection was presented as a digital installation piece in Paris. The setting featured stark white walls adorned with social distancing signage.

Evolution of Aesthetic

During Assche’s tenure at Dior, Assche’s style saw a more edgy and razor-sharp silhouette.

Since then, his design has taken on a more artistic expression at Bertuli, with his colour palette beginning to blossom with colour. Having been previously celebrated for crafting impeccable leather shoes, Berluti uses traditional shoe-making techniques featuring up-cycled platform soles and new sneakers in patina leathers which provides an opalescent finish.

Lev Khesin x Berluti

Berluti collaborated with Berlin-based artists Lev Khesin for the AW21 collection, reflecting the artist;s tactile and vibrant artworks in relaxed two-piece silhouettes and geometric prints. Contemporary cloche-like hats finished off the seasonal looks, which also reflect Khesin’s silicone art pieces.

Khesin’s unique usage of inconsistently coloured silicone is an intriguing process of art. When applying each new layer of coloured silicone, he focuses exclusively on this one action, thus creating each new land with the intention of communicating this mindful process.

Khesin’s colour technique can be witnessed throughout the Berluti AW21 collection. The light penetrates the materials and coloured layers come through, shimmering and shining.

The collection encompasses a kaleidoscope of graphics, featuring colour blocking in earthy desert reds, washed out blues and ombre indigos and violets.

View the complete AW21 collection below:

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