The 70s Style Revival Making 2021 Psychedelic

1970s retro-loving romance in back in 2021’s SS21 and AW21 collections.

Credit: Chloè

Having paid attention to the catwalk these past few seasons, audiences will already understand that the psychedelic, textural and saturated styles of the 1970s have continued to enchant designers to our modern day.

Flares, fringing, platforms, psychedelic prints, fur and suede dominated the era. With icons ranging from Joni Mitchell to Cher, the 1970s was all about liberation and authenticity, fascinated with self-expression.

Throughout 2021, designers have afforded extra attention to this retrospective style era, creating waves of 70s inspired nostalgia throughout their Spring and Autumn 2021 collections.

Here are some of our picks for 1970’s inspired styles of 2021.

Anna Sui

Sui’s AW21 collection is a visceral and escapist 1970s bohemian dreamscape.

The collection is graced by the classic Sui signature, personality-filled stylings and kitschy-cute accessories. A young European designer, Anna Castellano, hand-painted psychedelic jeans for the collection. Monika Forsberg, a London-based illustrator, provided peacock and snake graphics. Sui’s niece illustrated cartoons which that appear on Sui’s tees.

Ulla Johnson

Credit: The Guardian

Almost bordering on the edge of 1970s and 1980s style, this collection took the work of the French architect Charlotte Perriand as the inspiration for Johnson’s collection. Her craftmanship is bold. Asymmetric silk taffeta tiered dresses and hand crochet were contrasted with patchwork shearling, balloon-sleeved blouses saw a pairing with butter-soft leather trousers. Feminine and empowering, the runway saw cognac-coloured coats paired with satin blouses; pleated sleeve knitted dresses and supersized suede clutches.


Prada walked spray-on-style psychedelic bodysuits down the runway at this year’s Milan Fashion Week. No one communicates beautifully strange quite as effortlessly as Prada. The bodysuits are a collaboration between its longstanding designer Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, who joined the Prada ranks last year.


This year’s AW21 collection saw Versace’s official press release refer to the collection as “a symbol of celebration, freedom and dance floor communities”.

Semi sheer geometric prints in both muted greens and crimson tones walked the AW21 runway this year, with kicked out-flared bottoms and structured suits featuring belted middles.

House of Sunny

Credit: houseofsunny

For a more approachable price point, House of Sunny encompasses quintessential 1970’s bohemian glamour at a price you can afford. The East London label delivers an upbeat collection of nostalgic psychedelia, cut-out knits and faded pastels. Shop the label here.


Credit: The Guardian

Area designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk presented glamour and expertly handcrafted detail in their NYFW AW21 show. There were references to soft architecture, tassled gowns and references to the fine draping work of Madame Grès. Soft turtlenecks and oversized neutral knits were paired with snug-looking brown suede boots for an authentic 1970’s throwback.

Maximilian Davis

Monochrome elegance was featured in Maximilian Davis’ AW21 collection. Referencing 60s and early 70s couture style, Davis says of the collection,

That time was so incredible for fashion, and particularly in showcasing strong and powerful women,” says Maximilian Davis. “It’s not fair to exclude Blackness from that story – so I wanted to rewrite the narrative.


Maxmilian’s logo is transposed to contemporary psychedelia, screenprinted onto denim, embroidered into leather. It also appears in second-skin swim lycra and silk satin.

Finish your 1970s look off with… the right eyewear.

Tom Ford Square-frames | Credit: vmagzine

Essential to any 1970s-inspired look is a pair of bulky, square shaped shades with a tinted lens. Neutral tones featuring some kind of gradient shift will give the most authentic 70s vibe. Brands like Tom Ford are bringing back ’70s-esque designs with contemporary updates, such as shiny metal Italian-made frames and complete UV protection. And for a more feminine take on 1970s eyewear, Chloè has you covered.

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