P!nk releases New Music Video and Documentary Trailer

The best songs often incorporate an element of deep and meaningful storytelling. P!nk’s new composition does this literally.

Credit: Rolling Stone

The music video opens with the artist reading her daughter a fairytale. From the beginning, it is relayed that this is the singer’s story. Through intriguing use of visual metaphors we witness the struggles P!nk experienced throughout her life. Imagery such as daggers falling like rain, or a wasteland filled with floating eyes, when partnered with the accompanying lyrics, suggests how the singer overcame each moment of adversity. This also gives us insight into how these events shaped the singer moving forward.

In the comments section of the video P!nk mentioned that the song was written as a letter to her daughter. Titled ‘All I Know So Far’ the video was uploaded to the artist’s official YouTube channel on the 8th of May. It has since accumulated over 2.8 million views.

All I Know So Far

Additionally, a trailer for the songwriter’s new documentary film of the same name was uploaded on the 12th of May. The singer conveys her aspirations and we are shown personal moments from the artist’s life. We are given reflections which communicate the singer’s outlook on her journey. Within the trailer we are shown the singer encouraging her crew and performers:

“We’re a group of people who believe in each other, that believe each person is enough. All those journeys, all those obstacles, all those roadblocks, we’re here.”

The importance of family and motherhood is also focal point of the trailer. P!nk states, “I want it to be worth it for my family. It’s a concert, it’s a tour, but it’s also the story of our life.”

The artist’s family features prominently in both the music video and the documentary trailer. P!nk’s love for her family has been present in a lot of her recent projects. Earlier this year, the artist recorded a song with her daughter titled ‘Cover me in Sunshine’. The composition’s message of hope and finding happiness has generated an overwhelming response of support and praise. Garnering over 22 million views so far, one listener commented:

“The entire world needs to hear this. Music is truly a blessing.”

P!nk’s new album will be available from the 21st of May 2021. In addition, the singer’s documentary film will premiere on Amazon Prime video on the same date.

What are some of your favourite P!nk songs? Are you excited for P!nk’s new documentary? Let us know in the comments down below

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