FIB Yohji Yamamoto: Renegades Of Fashion Book Now Available

The first of FIB’s 11 Renegades Book Series, Yohji Yamamoto: Renegades of Fashion, has been published and is available now on Amazon. 

Credit: The Talks

To the casual outsider the Fashion Industry can appear to be a cauldron of creativity with endless innovation and risk taking, as every new season designers have to forget their past successes and milestones and return alone to a blank canvas, to create their next collection, and this cycle repeats itself every 6 months.

Only in rare cases is fashion ever truly art, and only in even the rarest of cases are fashion designers true artists. The bulk of the industry, from the Haute Couturiers making one off’s right down to the mass merchants follow the trends each season. And following trends is a big money spinner, but not everybody is happy to be a cog in this giant money making machine, there are a handful of mavericks who refuse to play the game. They bow to no-one and follow no trends. These are the ‘Renegades of Fashion.

Yohji Yamamoto is a man who understands the power of endurance. The product of a Japanese culture ravaged by war, the progressive designer has built his 50-some year career on perseverance and a refusal to bend to the will of tradition. From his initial struggles as an emerging designer to his incendiary debut on the world stage, all the way through to the near collapse of his company in the wake of the global financial crisis, Yamamoto has overcome every obstacle in his path – and always on his own terms.

Today, his eponymous brand offering both men’s and women’s clothing remains his most commercially successful venture alongside the popular sub-label Y’s and youth line Ground Y to its’ principal lines Pour Homme and Costume D’Homme. His innovation has led to ground-breaking collaborations and pop culture moments, working alongside household names of fashion and reinventing icons.

The book is available for purchase here: Yohji Yamamoto: Renegades of Fashion 

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