Hunter Schafer Poses for Prada

Hunter Schafer is the new face of Prada’s latest Campaign, posing with Prada’s iconic Galleria Bag.

Credit: BlackBook

The actress is pictured on a vintage lounge in a bright and multicoloured room. Schafer is surrounded by retro TVs, telephones and stacks of books. The Euphoria star shows off her blonde bob and smoky eyes.

The new campaign is directed by Xavier Dolan and Ferdinando Verderi. Prada’s renowned Galliera Bag is featured throughout. CR Fashion Book state that Schafer is,

” …youthful yet eternal, romantic but not docile, as she epitomising the Prada girl who can’t help but reach for the perfect bag before she walks out the door.”

Pure Dreams

In a statement, Prada described the campaign as, “a celebration of the joy of fashion, framed through the art of filmmaking- a dream, within a dream.” The label has also reiterated the purpose of fashion in the current era.

“Fashion is about imagination – newly created, constantly augmented and painstakingly crafted every day by the industry, with care and love.”

Source: Crash

Furthermore, the iconic label released a short video that begins with Schafer in her room. The actress appears in many outfits from the Prada wardrobe and with several Galleria bags.

Additionally, they have revealed Schafer’s powerful impact on the latest campaign, with Crash reporting that Schafer is,

“A reminder of the purity of those dreams, of that magic, is the intention that guides this new Prada moving image campaign: a new character, Hunter Schafer, and a filmmaker, Xavier Dolan, are invited to examine the timeless Prada Galleria handbag with no preconceived expectations.”

Check out some shots from the campaign below:

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