FIB Exclusive: Montana Sharp Returns with Magnificent New Single “Power”

Montana Sharp has recently returned with her second collaboration with Majella ProductionsSharp has recently sold out the Wesley Anne in Melbourne in support of her latest release, Power.

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Power is a tour de force, propelled by cycling piano, impressive percussion and a vivacious chorus-line which propels Montana Sharp’s vocals.

The video clip for Power is nothing short of spectacular either. Set in the world of Alice in Wonderland, it is perfect reflection of this complicated ballad. The clip is underlined by themes of reclaiming power within in a relationship and exploring power dynamics. Reflecting on the making of the video, Sharpexplains,

“I’ve worked with Majella before on the video for my song Greenhouse, and I loved how I presented them with a concept and they one-upped my idea by a mile.  I had an idea of a superhero Wonder Woman vibe, and they took that and came up with the Queen of Hearts/maze idea to represent the story behind the song.  Although I don’t have anywhere near that many ex boyfriends – and in my view I’m way too weird to pull off the ‘hot heartbreaker’ vibe, I absolutely loved how they brought the story to life!”

Montana Sharp speaks to FIB about Power and her musical journey thus far.

Tell us about the meaning behind your new track, Power:

It’s about being stuck in the same romantic cycle and playing the same roles in the relationship; the damsel in distress always needing to be “saved”. Power reveals my younger self not understanding why I felt I needed to sever ties in order to regain some sense of self-control.

What was your creative process like for the track?

I was trying to fill a set for my uni exam, and I had submitted a song called P.O.W. The  faculty didn’t permit set changes once it’s been submitted, but I realised that title was a bit tone deaf so I decided I could cheat the system and write a song called Power. The piano line came first, followed by the “again and again hook”. Some songs take a few goes to finish but this one was definitely one of the quickest, probably about thirty to forty minutes.

How did the video come together?

I work with an awesome production company called Majella Productions, whom I worked with on my last release. I told them my vision of a superhero, but they suggested the Queen of Hearts walking through a maze which I thought was so symbolic of the story. I really respect Majella’s commitment to diverse casting as well as their superb creativity, they’re the best in the biz!

Who are your biggest sound influences?

Alanis Morrisette, Sia, Barbra Streisand, Queen, and Disney scores!

How did you start your journey as an artist?

I studied classical piano from the age of 7, and that was my main shtick for a while – but I had a real ear for harmony and composition. I didn’t start singing till well into my teens, but I think the musical background I had really helped me learn fast. I wrote songs here and there growing up, but really got into it after my first big breakup in my late teens. It’s so funny, I wanted to Taylor Swift his ass like the dramatic person I am. I spent every day writing wherever I went, and wrote about a hundred songs within a year. It’s corny to say but I just knew I had found my purpose, it felt like second nature.

There’s a powerful female energy to the track. Is the female focus an intentional one?

Maybe. I want women to listen to it and feel empowered. However,  I think the feeling of needing someone to fix or rescue you is common but not exclusive to women. The world would be a better place if we all took responsibility for our own problems, and that extends to everyone.

What is your favourite part of performing?

Connecting with the audience and with my band. I like to make people laugh. And also hitting some killer high note and thinking  ‘yeah I did that’.

Do you have any particular performance highlights?

My single launch for this song was the most magical night. The perfect venue, the perfect audience, the perfect band (the perfect outfit) – It just all flowed and you could feel how much support was in the room.

Also the performance highlight was that I REALLY had to pee before the show but didn’t want to reveal my outfit, so my friend lent me a black cloak and I snuck through the audience in disguise MUHAHA.

Do you have any upcoming shows in 2021?

We’re going to do an ENCORE single launch show. Stay tuned!

What’s next for Montana Sharp?

EP at the end of the year baby – you’ll get the full journey from badass angsty 19 year old to soft warm and gooey 21 year old. I started recording this EP in 2019 so it’s been in the works for a long time!

Check out the clip for Montana Sharp’s Power below:

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