One only needed to look at the nature of Alexander McQueen’s work – the inherent violence and melancholy in every piece – to see there was a deep and permeable wound at the core of the young designer. He put everything into his work including it is said, “his dreams, nightmares and fears”.

The renegade of British Fashion, the late Alexander McQueen was more than a designer, he was and still remains a major figure in British culture, redefining the rule book with his youthful succession and a body of work that were more avant-garde forms of art than works of fashion. McQueen defied his East End beginnings, rising to the annals of fashion history by taking his place at the head of Givenchy at just 27 years of age. For years to come, his string of ground-breaking shows for both the French powerhouse and his own eponymous label, revealed the relentlessness of his imagination and an undeniable talent that took critics by surprise.

From his first collection paid for in dole money all the way to his multi million dollar empire, it was clear people were interested in whatever he was selling, even if that was at times controversial. In February of 2010 the rebel designer would shock the world one final time, ending his longstanding battle with depression. Millions mourned the loss of his genius whilst those closest to him recalled the humble man behind the curtain.


WRITTEN BY Charlie O’Brien and Paul G Roberts

FILM EDITOR Alyssa Newberry

EDITED BY Jess Bregenhoj

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