AAFW: Menswear Standouts

Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) is well underway, and the designs for menswear are remarkable.

Credit: Russh

Early into the event, and already many of the collections’ outfits inspire wonder and intrigue. Standouts so far for menswear include Commas and Albus Lumen.


Commas was founded by husband and wife Richard and Emma Jarman. Established as a swim and resort-wear label the brand creates attire suited for use both in the water and as a casual everyday look. Their brand epitomizes the idea of catching your breath, recalibrating and taking pleasure in the moment.

Tamarama Beach acted as the setting for Commas’ Resort 2022 collection runway. Taking place on the 1st of June, the early morning illuminated the venue with the soft glow of the sunrise. With crashing waves as their backdrop, the flowing tides impeccably echoed the brand’s billowing garments.

Commas choice of colours are brilliant. Gentle beiges are reminiscent of the sand whilst blue- greens mirror the hue of the sea. Whites reflect the rush of seafoam, with darker tones mimicking the shade of the nearby rock formations.  A few golds and pinks also replicate the sunrise. Founder Richard Jarman has stated:

“This is where I spend my mornings, swimming and witnessing the sunrise … I wanted others to experience the restorative energy the sunrise brings”

Source: Grazia

Albus Lumen

Similarly, the beauty of the Albus Lumen brand is expressed through their subtle, light and relaxing aesthetic. Marina Afonina founded the brand in 2015, inspired by her love of travel. Whilst Albus Lumen is known for embodying feminine strength, this year, the brand explored creating attire that could also be worn by men. Marina Afonina expresses:

“It didn’t feel pushed. For everything it has to be the right timing … It’s a certain man who will wear it. Someone who’s happy to experiment. But there are a lot of pieces for everyone”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

While minimal in colour, the fabric’s formation plays with visual perception, utilizing shape and texture to generate fascination. The way the clothes’ form shifts the tone of the natural shadow and light on the fabric also adds to the designs’ appeal.

Credit: SMH

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