Familiar Faces Abound in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ trailer

A plethora of widely acclaimed actors will star in Marvel’s film ‘The Eternals’.

Credit: MCU Initiative

On the 24th of May 2021 an official teaser was uploaded to Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube account.

The Eternals follows a race of near-immortal beings and their encounters with the human race. Known as eternals, the beings possess superpowers. Narration and imagery within the trailer indicates that the film will explore the being’s interactions with civilization over several thousands of years. It also describes they’re refrain from interfering with the natural course of humanity, only aiding slightly in its progression. Furthermore, a synopsis from Marvel Studios states that the beings keep their true identities a secret. Their close resemblance to humans grants them the ability to do so. Separately, they live amongst society. However, the threat of their evil counterparts, the deviants, causes the beings to reunite and protect humanity. The synopsis also reveals that the film’s main storyline will take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame.


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Several renowned actors have been cast in the film.

Gemma Chan will portray Sersi, an eternal with the ability to manipulate matter. Gemma Chan has had a number of prominent roles in recent years. The actress played Astrid Young-Teo in Crazy Rich Asians, and voiced Namaari in Raya and the Last Dragon. The actress also previously appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel.

Richard Madden plays Ikaris, an eternal with flight and superhuman strength. Richard Madden played Prince Kit in Disney’s live-action Cinderella, and music manager John Reid in Rocketman. The actor also portrayed Robb Stark on TV series Game of Thrones.

Kit Harington will take on the role of Dane Whitman, a human who possesses a cursed blade. Kit Harington is best known for playing Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.

One of the trailer’s main focal points is the romance between Sersi and Ikaris. Though, in the comics, Sersi has also been romantically involved with Dane Whitman.

Salma Hayek will play the eternal Ajak. Originally, the character of Ajak is male, and is part of a handful of changes introduced in the transition from comic to film. Salma Hayek’s breakthrough role was starring as Frida Kahlo in 2002’s Frida, for which she recieved an Academy Award nomination.

Angelina Jolie plays Thena, an eternal with great combat ability. The character is portrayed wielding blade-based weaponry with great proficiency. Angelina Jolie played the titular character in both Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Disney’s Maleficent, and is one of the most well-known A-list actors working today.


The Eternals will hit cinemas on the 5th of November 2021.

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