Friends of SOPHIE Hold Auction to Support Transgender Rights

Friends of late producer, SOPHIE, have collaborated to auction off original art pieces for the Trans Justice Funding Project.

Credit: BBC

The commemorative auction ran on eBay until Sunday May 23. The auction included artworks from the likes of Nick Harwood, director of the dreamy clip “It’s okay To Cry” and Renata Raksha. Also featured were Emily Schubert, Nicole Fitch and Zoe Chait. Another item listed, was a white silk Eckhaus Latta dress modelled by SOPHIE for AW18.

A statement from the organisers on the God Is Trans website reads,

“We have organised this online auction and sale of editions to honour her radical generosity, artistic vision, and commitment to supporting the trans* community.”

The auction was organised in an effort to:

“honour her radical generosity, artistic vision, and commitment to supporting the trans community”.

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100 percent of the proceeds are being donated to the Trans Justice Funding Project. This left-wing LGBTQ group is focused on grassroots trans justice groups across the US. The God Is Trans website explains that TJFP is an American organisation established in 2012. It directly funds grassroots trans justice groups across the US. Since its inception TJFP has distributed more than $4.5 million in unrestricted grants to projects combating racism, economic injustice, transmisogyny, ableism, incarceration, and other intersecting oppressions.

The Artworks

Powerful magic is at work within Nora Berman‘s paintings. An oil-on-canvas, Sparkly Nora Berman piece entitled ‘Two Lovers’ sold for US $3,000.

Nora Berman | Credit: Ebay

The Alex Chaves piece, an oil-on-canvas entitled ‘Sophie’ sold for US $4,000.

Alex Chaves | Credit: Ebay

Chaves’ female portraiture include archetypes of women. He embodies females as warriors, seductresses, sleeping beauties, officers, and soldiers. ‘Sophie’ was displayed in Chaves’ exhibition at Martos Gallery in NYC in 2020. The show was entitled ‘Oaks of Righteousness’.

A monotone, silk Echoes Latta dress sold on the auction site for US $1625.

Echoes Latta | Credit: Ebay

The dress was listed as being Worn once by Sophie at the Eckhaus Latta AW18 runway show on February 10, 2018, in Brooklyn, NY.

Nicole Fitch’s ‘Sophie’, a 12x12in oil-on-canvas sold for US $810.

Nicole Fitch | Credit: Ebay

An Inkjet print by Nick Harwood, ‘Triptych’ sold for US $850.

Nick Harwood | Credit: Ebay

Jonas Wendelin donated TOI 1338, a porcelain, acrylic glass, LED cabling sculpture. It is from his 2021 collection.

Jonas Wendelin | Credit: Ebay

An Alison Veit sculpture, made from hydro stone, sand, mirror and pigment sold for US $510.

Alison Veit | Credit: Ebay

‘Sleeping’, by Analisa Teachworth, was created using shell, glass, fabric, resin. It sold for US2400 at auction.

Analisa Teachworth | Credit: Ebay

Emily Schubert’s ‘Infatuation Ring’ sold for USD1525. It is a 4x3x3 in, polymer clay, plexiglass “O”.

‘Puppies, Puppies’ a.k.a. Jade Kuriki Olivio’s, ‘oh my god I love you’, sold for US $3550. The piece is a neon sign from Olivio’s 2011 collection.

Puppies Puppies | Credit: Ebay

A colour lithograph with graphite piece by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy entitled ‘Medea’ won US $690 at auction. It is from Lutz-Kinoy‘s 2018 collection.

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy | Credit: Ebay

Peegirl’s ‘I love you Sophie’, 2021 collected US $157.50. The piece is 5x7in and is mixed media on paper.

Peegirl | Credit: Ebay

Flowing Tributes

Tributes came flowing after the 34-year old producer passed away in January.

SOPHIE’s death in January left many reflecting on her work. The artist was a visionary in terms of production, visuals and lyricism. Their work stretched far beyond what many imagined.

Source: Fizzy Mag

Since SOPHIE’S sudden fall which led to her untimely death, Charli XCX has written about her “special connection” to the artist on social media.

“It’s really hard for me to sum up the special connection I felt with such an amazing person who completely changed my life.”

In April, A.G. Cook posted a tribute to SOPHIE online.

“She was laser-focused and exceptionally intelligent, but also sensitive and perceptive,” he wrote. “It didn’t matter whether we were talking about people or relationships or materials or music – she approached every topic with the love, care and intensity of someone who has truly lived.”

Source: Crack

In March of this year, a new SOPHIE track featuring Jlin, “JSLOIPHNIE” was posthumously released as part of a compilation. It was put together by Unsound Festival. Donate to the Trans Justice Funding Project here.

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