Print Sale Raises Money for Indian COVID-19 Relief

Since the breakout of COVID-19 in India, infection rates have surpassed the 28 million mark. India is in desperate need of medical oxygen, hospital beds and also vaccinations. In response to this crisis, Creative Seva has launched a print sale to raise emergency funds.

Ellen Von Unworth | Credit: Glass Magazine

The sale is being hosted by Creative Seva and includes 88 global print artists, such as Steve McCurry, Pablo Di Prima and Ellen von Unworth. German photographer, Unworth, has donated a Miley Cyrus print to the initiative. The prints are limited to 50 and are all priced at £100. The proceeds are being donated to Indian charities in an effort to provide Covid relief in India.

Creative Seva

British photographer Jam Patel established Creative Seva in response to Covid’s impact on India. Throughout Sikhism and Hinduism, ‘Seva’ means ‘selfless service’ or ‘dedication to others’. In a world affected by Covid, these initiatives are becoming essential in creating support structures for those at risk. Patel says of the initiative,

“The call to action was immediately met by the generous spirit of all the wonderful contributors you see on this site,

He continues,

‘They have kindly donated their work to raise the urgent funds needed to save lives today.”

Source: Wallpaper

After a quick community response, Creative Seva state to receive photo donations from renowned photographers all around the world. These photos are now being sold in Creative Seva’s ongoing Print Sale to raise finances for Covid-19 relief in India. 

The Prints

Creative Seva for India plans to run until mid-June. Prints can be purchased online via Creative Seva.

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