Eugenie Kelly Announced as Editor-In-Chief of Relaunched Harper’s Bazaar

Eugenie understands the history and legacy of Harper’s Bazaar. This year, she is spearheading the return of the iconic fashion and luxury magazine, relaunching in Australia this year.

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Fashion bible Harper’s Bazaar is relaunching as US media giant Hearst teams up with a new and smaller partner. The first issue will hit stands in September.

On June 10, Switzer Media & Publishing announced that Eugenie Kelly will once again take the lead at Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

The announcement and first key creative appointment were made by Maureen Jordan of Switzer Media. Jordan is leading sales, marketing and brand strategy for the relaunch. Jordan is positioning Harper’s Bazaar Australia in collaboration with Hearst Magazines International. Hearst is relaunching Harper’s Bazaar magazine and website in partnership with a Sydney and Melbourne-based Switzer Media & Publishing.

Eugenie’s Bazaar History

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Over her 25 years in publishing, Kelly has spent 17 with the Harper’s brand. She has also worked across varying roles which include deputy editor and features director. Kelly acted as editor-in-cheif of the publication for two Years, from 2018 – 2020. During this time, the title was published by Bauer Media. Over more recent years, Kelly has consulted as senior creative director across a portfolio of beauty, health and wellness brands.

Kelly says of her recent appointment,

“To have a say in how the next chapter of Bazaar is written is such an incredible privilege for me. Some people simplify style and think it’s just about what’s in your wardrobe, but it’s so much more than that. True style is the way we express ourselves. It’s what we’re reading, watching, thinking and how we choose to invest what’s precious to us… our time.”

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Old Ways in the Digital Age

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Harper’s Bazaar is looking to evolve the 154-year old brand and bring the title into the digital age. Will older methods work in a world dominated by social influencers and online media? And further, will reinstating a former editor to take charge of print and digital platforms be enough for the relaunch to be successful?

“Social media brought with it a game-changing new player, the influencer. The regular everyday girl became the ultimate celebrity, with the power to influencer millions across the globe. The elite world of fashion was opened up to the public, with fashion week shows being streamed directly on social platforms. There has been a palpable shift in power, with the consumer dictating the dialogue and this is why, more than ever before, consumer data has become the golden currency. Fashion has become an inclusive democracy.”

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A Shrinking Industry

Harper’s Bazaar was first published in 1998 Fairfax and ran for nearly two decades. Lack of advertising revenue forced Bauer to pull the plug on eight key brands in 2020. The brand cited Covid-19 as the reason.

“After being unceremoniously dumped by its former Australian partner, the German-based Bauer media a year ago, Hearst Magazines International has partnered with Switzer Media, a small custom-publishing outfit that also produces the cult fashion magazine Russh in a joint venture.”

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In July 2020, Harper’s Bazaar became the victim of a shrinking print-media industry in Australi. Bauer fought to salvage its $500 million loss-making investment into Australian magazines when it bought ACP from the Packer family in 2012. Maureen Jordan, says of the relaunch,

Bazaar has been missed by its loyal following in Australia in recent times and not only are we excited about its relaunch, we are passionate about collaborating with Hearst Magazines as we understand and redefine our readers’ expectations.”

Source: SMH

The magazine produces 30 global editions. It is also published in 22 different languages. The collector’s edition debut of Harper’s Bazaar Australia will his newsstands in September 2021.

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