Zimmermann Transports Us To A Wonderful Place In Resort 2022

Zimmermann celebrates Australiana with a brand new Resort 2022 collection. Aussie icon Gemma Ward opened and closed the filmed runway.

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Zimmermann likes to bring joy to their clientele via the medium of fashion. Zimmermann’s creative director tells Vogue,

“…They want things to feel beautiful, they want fabrics to be beautiful. People are loving natural fabrications… And they’re loving really special details that they can see.”

Nicky Zimmermann’s pandemic collections don’t look too different from past collections. Her designs are more dream-like and sunnier than ever before.

The Details

Zimmermann are determined that clientele are looking for unique details which can’t be found in practicality-driven, everyday clothing. So many of us have become accustomed to looser-form clothing and soft, cosy fabrics throughout the pandemic. As we slowly start to regain a semblance of normality within our own lives, we may start to explore the mentally restorative power of dress. Zimmermann is happy to facilitate, 

“It was almost an immediate turnaround to relatively normal buying patterns, in that there was a definite want and need to buy beautiful things,” 

Zimmermann creative director, Nicky Zimmermann, shares with Vogue, recalling her customers’ yearning to return to dressing as normal in recent months. 

“People are confident, and I think that they’re out of tracksuit mode, and they just want to have fun.”


Resort 2022

Resort 2022 shouts pure joy. In quintessential Zimmermann style, there is an emphasis on refined beach-beauty, warm weather clothes and travel-wear. The collection encompasses fun, retro tourism. It was partly inspired by James Northfield’s advertisements for Australian vacation locations throughout the 1930s-50s. Zimmermann zoned in on the collective works of Northfield, who was responsible for some of Australia’s most recognisable travel posters. Within the lookbook, a ruched scarf dress is depicted featuring postcard prints made from multiple Northfield posters. A button-down dress features a painterly landscape of Lorne, a surf town in Victoria. Northfield’s works are manifested in a multitude of ways.

The Collection

The most notable looks from the Resort 2022 collection reference kitsch souvenirs and contain floral details. The collection transposes Northfield’s tourism posters on pieces such as the Postcard Chain Tie Midi Dress and the Postcard Harem pant. There are finely tailored glimpses of glamour, full-skirting, cinched waists and sweetheart necklines.

The Postcard serves as a wearable time capsule, not only for Northfield’s own works, but for our own memories of sundrenched afternoons in our own backyard.

Source: Vogue

Looking To Out-Design

Zimmermann strives to constantly out-design themselves each season. There was a particular emphasis on joy in this collection, after the gloomy year which prefaced Resort 2022. Talking to Vogue, Zimmermann reveals the main question they ask themselves in the design room,

“Are we giving enough to this garment?’ Because people need to really feel that we’re very invested in every single piece and that we’re thinking of them,”

explains Zimmermann.

“These are the questions and the conversations that have been happening, I’d say for at least the last two collections in my design room…

Source: Vogue

Instantly Transport Yourself

The overwhelming sense of nostalgia that comes with Zimmermann’s Resort 2022 is due to the embodiment of feelings and memories of a wonderful holiday.

“When you look to nostalgia and fashion, there is always a bit of comfort in it… that’s how it feels to me,” shares Zimmermann.

“There’s that element of nostalgia as well with the silhouettes, and that James Northfield influence as well coming… retro, [and a] bit of fun after being shut away for so long.”

Source: Vogue

Check out Zimmermann’s Ready to Wear premiere below:

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