Fendi Introduces a Softer Masculinity

The Fendi Spring 2022 men’s collection is edgy, luxurious, light and fun. Soft pastels and contemporary styling bring Fendi swiftly into the future of men’s fashion.

Credit: Collater.al

This spring collection is both practical and playfully androgynous. The colour palette is a mix of neutrals and sunrise pastels, encompassing a dual sense of exploration and wonder. Fendi SS22 contains lightweight outerwear and appearances of suede over-shirts and short pants featuring exaggerated pockets. It’s a mix and match of simple elegance and utilitarian functionality.

Venturini Fendi found inspiration in her work environment stating that,

“I strongly believe that what is close and familiar can be as much as inspiring as what is far and exotic.”

Source: WWD

Nico Vascellari directs a masterful short film that portrays the Fendi SS22 collection perfectly.

Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana is the Roman HQ of Fendi and serves as the set for the film. This location is also the catapult of Venturini Fendi‘s renewed sense of vigour in SS22. From her window, she can observe the Eternal city which has been instrumental in the creation of the collection. From an elevated office, Fendi enjoys a panoramic view of Rome’s famous seven hills. The Apennine Mountains to the northeast and calm Tyrrhenian Sea to the west frame the perfect view. Fendi says of the location,

“When you are on top of this roof, you feel that life is beautiful, and that the world is beautiful. I feel optimistic. It’s like an observatory: you see everything, but so small, and you can reconsider things and you put them in the right proportion.”

Source: Vogue

A Fresh Take

Fendi’s fresh take is a crowd-pleaser. Loop-spun knitted bombers, hints of shearling and linen shirts match fine tailoring in the form of suit jackets. Shrunken baguette bags are worn at the mid and the crop-top style jackets and tops are both unconventional and modern. Relaxing knits feature throughout the collection.

Credit: Vogue

By far, the boldest piece is a double-skirted tennis dress in white linen with striped, shrunken shirt-sleeves and a silk collar.

Credit: Vogue

Says Fendi, of the design,

“The back is very nice because it is very grounded: it gives you this sense of freedom.”

Source: Vogue

As a female designer designing for males in a modern world, Silvia Venturini Fendi has succeeded in the most fantastic way this season. SS22 is practical, romantic and provides a softer version of typical masculine styles.

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