Rick Owens is the unlikely American Fashion Designer; far from the Ralph Lauren’s of the world, whose classic sportswear has come to define the wholesome American dream; Owens’ vision rather, offers an introspective insight into the darker elements of nature and of man and it is often thought, into Owens himself.

To the rest of the world Owens strikes a mysterious figure, a slender – softly spoken Californian native; an intellectual no doubt, with working ties to some of the most esteemed models in the world and yet no one embodies the aesthetic of Rick Owens more than the man himself. His trademark long locks and a self perpetuating uniform of black, monotones and shades of Grey, cloaked over white sneakers often draws critical comparisons to that ominous figure of the death: the Grim Reaper.

WRITTEN BY Charlie O’Brien and Paul G Roberts

FILM EDITOR Alannah Rigby

EDITOR By Jess Bregenhoj

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