Prepare Your Meat Cleavers, Dexter is Back

Showtime is bringing back everyone’s favourite murderer and revisiting cult TV series Dexter for one last season.

Credit: IGN

Showtime has released two teaser trailers in preparation for the new season coming in November of  2021. Cult series Dexter is a show that flips the idea of a serial killer on its head. The main character Dexter Morgan famously satisfies his homicidal tendencies by murdering other serial killers.

The previous season saw Dexter faking his death to allow his son and himself to have a normal life. In the teaser, we see that Dexter’s idea of a normal life is very different.

The first teaser starts with a view of the snowy countryside as the screen zooms out to show the main character Dexter looking at the view through a window. This seems fairly normal until you realise a person is duct-taped to a bench in the reflection of the window. This is followed by Dexter turning around and staring at the camera before playfully smiling. It’s safe to say that this teaser builds excitement for the killer’s return, especially since Michael C. Hall has clearly not lost touch with his Dexter character. 

The second teaser shows that the story will continue to follow Dexter Morgan, but now with a new alias known as Jimmy Lindsay. Living in a snowy town, this new identity has created a sound environment for Dexter as he is warmly greeted by the townspeople. The tone suddenly shifts when a shop selling knives catches his eye and the teaser abruptly ends.

New Ending?

Credit: Showtime

The original 2013 ending of Dexter was met with harsh backlash, leaving fans asking more questions instead of answering them. According to showrunner from seasons 1-4, Clyde Phillips, the writers had planned a vastly different ending, including Dexter’s death and the revelation that the entire show was Dexter’s life flashing before his eyes. Many fans found this alternate ending more fitting and satisfying as opposed to the original.  

After the airing of the finale, producer John Goldwyn spoke up about Showtime’s influence in the writing of the show. Showtime came back stating that they did not want to kill off Dexter as it would infuriate the viewers. The irony is obvious.

Actor Michael Hall (Dexter Morgan) has been vocal about the ending. Hall hopes that the new season can wrap things up in a better fashion.

NME reports that Hall himself is happy to reprise the role claiming the return to be “gratifying”, 

“I think the show ended in a way that was pretty mystifying at best if not infuriating for people, but that at least set the stage for us to return and answer more.”

Check out the trailer here:

Dexter Season 9 releases in November 2021.

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