Balenciaga’s Digital Fall ’21 Campaign

Balenciaga has released their new digital short as part of their upcoming 2021 Fall Campaign.

Credit: Balenciaga

Balenciaga has teamed up with video game developer Quantic Dream (creators of Detroit: Become Human) to premiere their digital short. It was released as part of their Fall ’21 Campaign, further solidifying Balenciaga’s move into the media industry. Motion capture was used to capture the actions of the models, allowing for a realistic vision.

This follows the release of their game Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow. The short appears to be connected to the video through shared street settings and a similar futuristic, dystopian reality.

VR Fashion

The video starts off with its protagonist waiting in a warehouse in a queue of models. While waiting, he encounters his love interest and reaches out to her. Though he is quickly stopped and led to the front of the line where he is given a VR headset to wear. The character is quickly transported into an augmented reality. Here, other characters are seen walking around in Balenciaga ’21 Fall outfits.
He stumbles around in his new setting, before being transported to several scenes where he encounters his love interest again. Before the climax, however, the headset is removed, and he is forced back into reality. He is, however, able to reencounter his love interest and as they kiss, begin glitching through the different identities originally encountered within the AR.

The pieces featured include some of Balenciaga’s collaboration with NASA, and pieces of the Sony collaboration that came after the release of the new PS5.

Catch Balenciaga’s new short video below:

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