Jeremy Scott Directs a Musical Masterpiece for Moschino

Lightning strikes this season in Jeremy Scott’s Moschino SS22 presentation. Scott’s spectacular musical spectacle celebrates Moschino’s Men and Women’s Spring/Summer collection for 2022.

Credit: i-D

Lightning Strikes, directed by Jeremy Scott and shot at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, opens up with a daydreaming Karen Elson in a 1950s-style diner. And as Chic’s “Everybody Dance” begins to play on a Moschino jukebox at the back of the diner, Elson playfully dances by Moschino-clad customers.

This moment marks the beginning of SS22’s musical showcase, featuring Moschino’s playful, crayon-colour palette of SS22. Enthusiastic customers wearing MOSCHINO-branded varsity jackets and sweaters, join in on the fun, continuing the Guys and Dolls aesthetic and tone. This year, Moschino’s unique and surreal perspective encompasses motion-picture artistry, including some overtly theatrical art direction that borders on the comical.

Back into the Spotlight

Kansas-born designer Jeremy Scott is known as one of the “enfant terrible” of the Parisian nightlife scene. This label is due to his controversial behaviour and unconventional style choices. Since Scott has taken on his role as Moschino’s creative director, the eclectic artist has thrust the Italian fashion house back into the spotlight. Since 2013, the designer has reinterpreted logos for brands which include Barbie, McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Loony Tunes for use in Moschino’s seasonal collections. Scott’s speciality includes a unique blend of satire, humour and repetitive references to American popular culture. This cultural emphasis centres around classic Hollywood and is Scott’s artistic reflection of American consumer culture.

Lightning Strikes

Scott’s Moschino SS22 collection is camp, to say the least. The SS22 presentation is dramatic in a way that only Jeremy Scott is capable of organising.

Communicating pure, unadulterated fun, the collection finds grounding in an alternate reality, a blend of old Hollywood and kitsch Americana.

“Jeremy Scott knows that chic often just means boring, which is why his collections for Moschino are anything but. Instead, they’re unadulterated fun, bright and trashy in the name of joy.”

Source: i-D

Old-School Couture

Jeremy Scott’s latest Moschino films feature an undercurrent of old-school couture, from Marionettes, a puppet couture to Jungle Red, Scott’s ode to The Women. Lighting Strikes is no exception, presenting a visual mash-up of decades that span the course of the 1950s right through to the 1980s. Moschino’s SS22 designs include fine tailoring and modern separates which are unified by Scott’s signature sense of fun-loving entertainment. Scott brings his vivid imagination into reality, allowing his clothing to translate through the screen. As he explains,

“it is very succinct and visceral and you understand it and there’s not a lot of confusion or nuance. It has directness.”

Source: i-D

Scott’s colour palette is synthetically bright, featuring models shown as an assortment of diner delicacies dancing atop dinner plates. The season’s designs are energetic, featuring a range of unusual fabrications which honour trends of the past. The result is a mash-up of the most garish elements of every decade coming together, creating the visual overstimulation which is Moschino SS22.

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