Paul G Roberts’ Latest Feature Documentary “FIFTEEN PERCENT & RISING” Wins International Film Festival Recognition

FIB feature “FIFTEEN PERCENT & RISING” is already garnering international acclaim. 
So far early nominations and wins include BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY – 2021 PARIS FILM FESTIVAL and Official selections at New York Lift Off, and Impact Docs Festival which are both in the USA.
Writer, Producer and Director Roberts, says his film, “Is a humble little story about some good people trying to do good things, in a difficult time”.
“It’s a story about initiative and personal activism.”
Best Feature Documentary, Paris Film Festival
Roberts said that he plans to use the award-winning film as a pilot for an ongoing television documentary series of the same name for 2022 release.


Following on from “SUPER NATURAL” and the feature-length pilot, this uplifting episodic series reveals many of the positive changes that are happening in our post-Covid19/George Floyd/#METOO world. In Fifteen Percent and Rising we meet the ‘Changemakers’ who are reshaping ideas of justice globally. We explore their stories and efforts to create systemic change, not just for racial injustice, but also climate justice, sexual abuse, human rights abuse, gender discrimination and much more.
The episode structure follows the feel-good story of a particular ‘Changemaker’ as they battle for change across issues and industries, with a focus on the Fashion and Entertainment industries, amongst others.

Take a look at the trailer for feature documentary “FIFTEEN PERCENT & RISING” below:

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