La Métamorphose Couture: Madame Butterfly

La Métamorphose inspires a unique story of self-discovery. For F/W 21-22, La Métamorphose hopes to “take the masks off and find out the truth about ourselves”.

Credit: La Métamorphose

Paying homage to the multifaceted woman, the La Métamorphose F/W collection exclaims “life imitates art” in the most fantastic way. 

Entitled Madame Butterfly, the F/W collection includes designs such as a transfixing silver, sequinned chrysalis-shaped gown.

This notion of metamorphosis is repeated throughout the collection, with sleek lines which juxtapose soft and elegant structural embellishments. La Métamorphose is created with the passion and desire to capture femininity in the most beautiful way, with its collections harnessing real luxury, elegance and uniqueness. By design, La Métamorphose is able to transpose these ideas to the composition of sight, hearing and touch.

A Mysterious Vision

The designer and authors behind La Métamorphose are Polish fashion design duo Ewa Gawkowska and Malgorzata Szczena. For those who love intricate and detailed design, La Métamorphose will bring your mind to a place of visceral tranquillity. The designers explain in a statement that they are onspired by the French female aesthetic,

“When visiting Paris, … while we were children, we observed the elegance and the nobility of the female outfit, and so did the mission of creating the collection of La Métamorphose. Today, when designing costumes, we move on to the composition of the eyes and sometimes touch. This is the basis of creation that embraces the whole human being of a woman.”

Magic style

The world of La Métamorphose combines art design with creative imagination. This amalgamation of mystical ideology and finely draped fabric will whisk your mind away and into the castle grounds of a forgotten princess in a faraway place. Layers of vibrant silk-cut petals result in forms that celebrate the very essence of femininity. If the rich florals don’t make your heart sing, you might instead prefer a black and beige mermaid dress draped in silk organza or satin, mikado and lace.

La Métamorphose delivers female-centred, finely structured and sequinned collections for treasured, sun-filled days and a vaporous, transparent aesthetic for the evenings.

View the full La Métamorphose Madame Butterfly collection below:

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