Ottawa Kwami’s Grand Entrance Into Fashion

From studying computer programming to global fashion icon, Ottawa Kwami has made quite an entrance into the world of fashion. 

Credit: Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2021

Ottawa Kwami is a Ghana-born up-and-coming international supermodel working with some of the world’s most desirable fashion brands. Born Gabriel Agbolo Kwami Efoe, as a young man he was studying computer programming in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. His innocent beginnings consisted of a childhood passion for technology and a dream to become a computer engineer. He said in an interview with SAATU“Wherever there was technology, I was there.” 

It was when an unknown photographer pitched Kwami to an agency that Ottawa Kwami was born. His sense of style and appearance attracted modelling scouts, setting him up for work on the runway. 

After convincing his family and dealing with issues regarding his visa, he was given the opportunity to go to Paris. And it was only up from there.

Rising Star

Kwami broke into the fashion scene in 2018 as a semi-exclusive under the direction of Virgil Abloh in his first collection for Louis Vuitton. He recalls this experience in Paris an interview with Tagwalk,

“It felt like heaven to see most of the world’s most inspiring and amazing people and even getting to talk to them. Wow, it was a dream come true for me.” 

This was just the boost he needed as he went deeper into the fashion industry. His unique look and dance moves won over the crowd, making him an upcoming favourite.

Credit: Tim Walker, Louis Vuitton

Kwami went on to participate in Jil Sander’s Spring/Summer 2019 menswear lookbook. Consequently, he caught their attention and was later given an invitation to close Luke and Lucie Meier’s first-ever Jil Sander’s menswear show the following season.

The following year, he went on a luxurious streak in the fall/winter season of 2020. He modelled for several shows including Salvatore Ferragamo, Rick Owens, Fendi, OAMC, amongst many other brands.

Campaigns and Covers

Credit: Greatest Magazine

The pandemic didn’t stop him either. Despite the virus, he quickly adapted to virtual modelling. He told TagWalk“A lot changed seeing all the shows and all the fun we had just switched to virtual in a second…this time helped me to relax and learn more about myself and my career and all the new ways I can work and still get the best results.” 

He also made his return to Louis Vuitton, posing for famed photographer Tim Walker for the cover of LOVE Magazine. The menswear campaign featured Kwami in a surreal sky theme in a combination of the absurdist angles of Tim Walker.

This current year, his ascension into the fashion industry hit full speed, modelling for Lacoste, Dior and Fendi only to name a few.

This is only the beginning of Ottawa Kwami’s Fashion career as his looks and charismatic personality have taken him far in fashion and plans to make it further. His humble final words to TagWalk represent his attitude, saying,

“I know it’s a lot of people but I feel everyone deserves the opportunity to show the world the light they have got inside them. Everyone should have the chance regardless of upbringing!

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