Ryan Reynolds Drops “Free Guy” Trailer Featuring Deadpool and Marvel Cameos

Ryan Reynolds has released the trailer for Free Guy on his personal Youtube, with surprise guest appearances!

Credit: 20th Century Studios

Ryan Reynolds will be starring as Guy in the new film Free Guy. Following the trailer’s official release, the actor took to his personal channel to drop a version of the trailer that had his fans reeling. The video is titled Deadpool and Korg React, featuring two previous characters played by Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok and Jojo Rabbit).

Deadpool starts off by welcoming his fans back to “Deadpool’s Maximum Reactions”, where he’ll be “reacting to a trailer for a movie which I honestly thought came out like a year ago”. This is referencing the delay of the movie’s original release date because of the pandemic, and the year-old, promotional videos on the actor’s channel.

The two then banter over the content of the trailer, all whilst constantly breaking the 4th wall with fans. Deadpool even took a dig at Ryan Reynolds, when he was reading fan comments stating how “Ryan Reynolds is just me [Deadpool]”, which is super insulting by the way”. He even took the time to dig at his own movie Deadpool 2. He gave the definition for “bridging” (the killing off of the main female character to motivate or torture the male lead) after mentioning how it was, unfortunately, used in his own movie.

Free Guy follows the titular Guy after he finds out he is an NPC (non-playable character) in an open-world video game. However, he then learns that the game is going to be shut down by its developers. So he decides to become a hero, trying his best to save the game, and his world.

Free Guy is set to release on the 13th of August. Check out the “Deadpool and Korg React” video below!

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