The Victorian Arts Community Bands Together for Covid Safety

The Victorian Arts community has released an advertisement asking for Victorians, and the greater Australian community, to keep each other safe during the current Delta outbreak.

Credit: Youtube: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Arts Centre Melbourne, the Melbourne Theatre Company and The Australian Ballet have developed an ad that prompts Victorians to take part in “the performance of a lifetime”. The advertisement was made to prompt Victorians, and greater Australia, to visit their GPs and make the call to get vaccinated. This is following the current outbreak in Victoria, after furniture movers from Sydney travelled to the state and introduced the Delta variant to an apartment building.

The advertisement itself was shot in art halls across Melbourne, showcasing both ballet, orchestra, and mime performances. It featured artists such as Virginia Gay, Tim Minchin, Meow Meow, and Rhonda Burchmore.

Viewers rejoiced at the ad and the message it portrayed towards the community. One viewer said: “Finally! The COVID ad that we Aussies deserve! Proud to be Victorian. Great messaging and fantastic delivery. Deserves its own standing ovation”.

Vaccination Campaign

Credit: Music Network

The campaign to get vaccinated follows national confusion surrounding government advice about under 40s receiving the Astrazeneca vaccine. These worries also extend towards vaccine recipient numbers and a lack of Pfizer vaccine availability.

The video also manages to explain the concept of herd immunity. It’s a term that refers to an unvaccinated person being protected by a virus by being surrounded by vaccinated individuals. In cases where some people are entirely ineligible to get the vaccine, this is a form of protection that can benefit these individuals.

The ad states,

“This isn’t just about you as an individual soloist. Some people can’t get a vaccine. So, it’s an ensemble effort to make sure they’re protected too.”

The advertisement also encourages viewers to get accurate advice from their GPs and other health professionals. As Tim Minchin says in the video: “Chat to your GP and they can help you get the facts. Some of the stuff you read online has some pretty massive plot holes.”

Coronavirus and the Art community

While Covid-19 has affected a range of working industries in Australia, it has had a particular effect on the art community. ABC News documents how 3 in 5 Victorian workers have considered leaving the music industry, as some have had 100% of their income affected by restrictions. The VMDO also reported that 26 ,000 jobs in Victoria were lost from February to August in 2020, with numbers yet to be released for the current outbreak if Melbourne continues along the same path as Sydney.

So far in 2021, a combined $213 million dollars has been administered to varying arts industries in Australia. This follows the $800 million in funding help that was announced in 2020.


Please follow the relevant health information provided to you by qualified health professionals, and government. Catch the Victorian Art Community’s video below!

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