Over 25 Million Yen Has Been Raised To Save The Studio Ghibli Museum

The beloved Studio Ghibli Museum surpasses its fundraising goal, keeping its doors open for future visitors!

Credit: CN Traveler

The beloved Studio Ghibli museum was first opened in Mitaka, Japan in 2001. It averages 650 000 visitors a year, having celebrated 10 million visitors in 2017. It is dedicated to showing fans the behind-the-scenes process of the studio’s films and shorts. Exclusive interactive exhibits and displays are also present, but this means that photos of the museum’s interior are strictly prohibited.

The museum houses the giant Catbus from My Neighbour Totoro, and the Laputian Robot from Castle in the Sky, located on the museum’s roof garden. The Museum also houses the Straw Hat Cafe and the Mamma Aiuto souvenir shop, named after the sky pirates in Porco Rosso. While gifts are guaranteed genuine, an extra “Approved by Studio Ghibli” seal is on each item in the store.

Forced Closure

Credit: Japan Web Magazine

During 2020, however, the museum was forced to temporarily close following Japan’s First State of Emergency during the pandemic’s onset. While it reopened again last July, the current situation of covid in Japan forced its temporary closure once again. The city of Mitaka launched a crowdfunding effort, asking Japanese citizens to provide donations towards the museum’s maintenance. As tickets are sold a month before entry date, and are strictly limited, the museum has been placed in dire circumstances

While the fundraiser was opened only in mid-June, the Museum has surpassed its original 10 million Yen (~$122 000AUD) goal. They have currently reached 25 169 272 Yen (~$308 000AUD) and with the fundraiser set to end in January of 2022, fans can be reassured of the museum’s continued operation and display of the magic of Studio Ghibli!

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