Copenhagen Fashion Week Returns With Style

Copenhagen Fashion Week has made its long-awaited return after COVID. The first full-length fashion show in 2021, Copenhagen is bringing back its image as the sustainable backer of the runway.

Credit: Harper’s BAZAAR

Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW), the biannual fashion event that runs in January and August, has returned. The event marked the first full in-person fashion show that has occurred since the pandemic’s start. It was a show that balanced invite-only live shows, pre-recorded run walks, and features of both leading and aspiring fashion designers.

Promoting Sustainable Fashion Practices

The Nordic-based fashion show has also re-dedicated itself to its sustainability goals, aiming to encourage the industry to become more sustainable in its practices. While 2020 proved an unfortunate start to CPHFW’s Sustainability Action Plan, CEO Cecilie Thorsmark has noticed the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.

“All industry players – including fashion weeks – must be accountable for their actions and be willing to change the way business is done. The timeframe for averting the devastating effects of climate change on the planet and people is less than a decade, and we’re already witnessing its catastrophic impacts today. Put simply, there can be no status quo.”

Leprechaun 18-6022

Marimekko, Ganni, and other designers sent their models down the runway in bright colours to mark the comeback of fashion. Most notably, was the presence of green which was officially dubbed by Pantone, in their NYFW Colour Palette, as “Leprechaun 18-6022”. Its popularity was seen as the acknowledgment of the “fun side of nature”, seeing how stay-at-home orders made people desperate to explore the outdoors. The colour could be seen amongst runway models and guests alike.


One such brand that aligned itself with CPHFW’s sustainability goals was Dutch brand Ganni. Their show was held on top of Copenhagen’s largest green power plant that converts non-recyclable waste into renewable energy for 100 000 homes.

While dedicated to sustainability, Ganni has also noted the contradiction of their involvement in an industry that can promote overconsumption and waste. In a statement to CPHFW, they revealed, “we’re focused [instead] on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves. Committed to making better choices every day across the business to minimise our social and environmental impact. We believe that minimizing our impact on the planet is our moral obligation”.

Ganni’s Spring 2022 collection, “Higher Love”, was inspired by founder Ditte’s viewing the world’s growing love for fashion. They told Vogue how they felt inspired by individuals that practised individual self-love through their fashion choices. Therefore, pieces were made to be more like everyday wear, versus over-the-top runway looks.


Finnish Design House Marimekko (English trans: Mari’s Dress) celebrated its 70th anniversary at CPHFW, by presenting its pre-Spring 2021 collection. Since the 1950s, Marimekko has designed dresses with bold prints and colours for women to boldly express their personalities. The label is dedicated to print-making that showcases an active collaboration between designer and company. It is also considered one of the very first lifestyle brands worldwide for clothing.

CPHFW’s Autumn/Winter 22 event is set to run from 1-4 February 2022.

Check out the video below for all the highlights from the event:

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