Banksy’s Great British Spraycation

Artwork on the East coast of England has been confirmed to be the work of the mysterious artist, Banksy. 

Credit: The Guardian

Banksy is an elusive street artist known for his mysterious persona and unique graffiti style. The artist tends to create graffiti based on the surroundings of the area, creating beautiful pictures which assimilate perfectly with the real world. His work sells for millions and is instantly recognisable.

Banksy is by far the most reputable Street Artist of his generation. Unfortunately, the British museum establishment has ignored his work by not taking his work for their collections. Even though the artist has been going since the 1990s and has a worldwide reputation, they have also ignored the prospect of a large-scale exhibition 

A Great British Spraycation

Credit: The Guardian

After a week of speculation, Banksy, confirmed on Instagram that the artwork popping up had indeed by sprayed by him. His new collection has the title of “A Great British Spraycation” and as such seems to be inspired by an average holiday or day off in England.

Banksy released a video clip that follows him travelling to these various areas and finishing his art. Banksy has obviously decided to keep the theme on a stretch of available coastline. So far, his holiday tour has taken in Lowestoft in Suffolk and Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Cromer and King’s Lynn, all in Norfolk.

Banksy’s paintings have given a refreshing summer atmosphere to England. His sunbathing rat appears on a concrete sea-defence wall on a beach, with a martini in its hand. Elsewhere he has painted in a mechanical claw on top of a public bench. Playfully threatening to pluck up anyone who sits there like a soft toy in an arcade game.

Banksy also created a giant seagull swooping down on oversized “chips”, making use of a giant waste bin with boxes. This further proves his clever use of the environment. A fourth painting makes a sharp reference to the refugee crisis playing out on Britain’s southern shores.

Credit: The Guardian

Another painting shows three children sitting in a flimsy boat made of scrap metal. As one looks ahead over the horizon, the other is desperately bailing out water with a bucket. Above them, Banksy has inscribed: “We’re all in the same boat”, showing off his political side.

He also made nostalgic gestures towards the prosperous history of England’s declining seaside resorts. The artist has also painted a dancing couple in black and white on the roof of a bus shelter. The pair appear to move to the music produced by an accordion player in a flat cap.

Credit: The Guardian

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